Home remedies for oily hair

If your hair after washing already starts to look oily and matted or barely lasts clean, it means that the sebaceous glands of the scalp are producing an excessive amount of sebum, which exceeds normal levels. When you have oily hair it is necessary to try to control excess sebum with care that allows us to look much healthier and more beautiful hair. A good solution may be to take advantage of the properties of certain natural products that are effective in this task. Find out in the following article of as the best home remedies for oily hair and do not hesitate to check if they work.

Steps to follow:

One. Lemon juice

A very popular home remedy for oily hair is the application of lemon juice. Lemon has astringent properties that are ideal for regulating sebum production on the scalp and keeping hair clean longer. You just have to squeeze two lemons, mix the juice with two cups of water and apply the lotion to the hair just before the last rinse in the usual wash.

2. Beer rinse

Beer is ideal for combing hair oil and keeping its production at bay. In addition, after application, the hair is much brighter and more beautiful. This home remedy is to rinse with beer after applying the shampoo, finish the wash by rinsing the hair with warm water.

3. Horse tail

In addition to being a plant for medicinal purposes, horsetail is excellent for treating oily hair. It is used to eliminate excess sebum and also to promote healthy hair growth thanks to its silicon content, which stimulates the formation of collagen and is essential for strengthening both hair and nails. Prepare this home remedy, adding two dried leaves of horsetail in boiling water. Let it sit for 15 minutes and then strain the resulting liquid. Once it cools, you can now apply it to damp hair after your usual shampoo.

4. Aloe vera

Is your hair too oily but also dehydrated? If so, aloe vera will undoubtedly be your best ally, since it normalizes sebaceous secretions but also hydrates the hair fibers in depth, making the hair look much healthier and shiny. To take advantage of this home remedy for oily hair, you must cut two leaves of aloe vera, extract the pulp and liquefy it. Then, apply the cream obtained all over the hair evenly and leave it to act for 20 minutes.

5. Rosemary mint lotion

We finish the selection of home remedies for oily hair with one of the most effective lotions. This involves adding a handful of fresh mint leaves and rosemary leaves in water, boiling and straining the mixture to obtain a homemade hair lotion. After washing, apply it to your hair, affecting the scalp, and you will see how the roots are kept clean and the excess fat diminishes enormously.

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