Herbal remedies to accelerate hair growth

Do you want to accelerate hair growth? So, try these herbal remedies that could help you get it thanks to its properties.

Many people seek to accelerate hair growth that, as we know, depending on the state of the hair and lifestyle habits, such growth can be higher or lower.

This serves different reasons. Thus, if the hair tends to split or is curly, we will experience much less growth. Also, you must always take into account certain conditions that can cause this process to slow down.

Problems on the scalp, as the seborrheic dermatitis or psoriasis, can cause hair to fall too . This, without a doubt, affects their growth.

Herbal remedies to accelerate hair growth

Here are some herbal remedies to accelerate hair growth, nourish the scalp, and cleanse it.

Aloe Vera or Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, better known as aloe Vera , is a plant that, possibly, we have in the house and that it is believed that it can be used in a useful way to accelerate hair growth, since in Ancient Greece and Rome, as Marc Schweitzer points out in his book Aloe Vera. The plant that heals , that was one of its uses.

This remedy is said to be recommended for those who suffer from special area ta . It is characterized by the loss of hair in a localized area, leaving noticeable holes without any symptoms.

However, in cases of other types of Propecia, this herbal remedy could also have its benefits, although, at the moment, there is not enough scientific evidence to confirm this.

Application mode

If you want to test the effectiveness of this remedy, you can follow the following steps:

  • Take an aloe Vera or aloe leaf and we will cut it in half.
  • Apply the sheet directly on the scalp, spreading the gel throughout the area. You can also scoop the gel out and scoop it into a bottle to apply later.
  • Massage gently and leave for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • You can do this every day to see its effects.

Rosemary against the fall

Another way to speed up hair growth is by preventing it from falling out .

With this, we can help the hair stop falling out and begin to see how it grows, since rosemary, thanks to its properties, can help reverse hair loss, as well as stimulate its growth. And so this study published in Ats Pharmaceutics points out .

Application mode

  • Add it to shampoo: prepare an infusion of rosemary and add a cup to your  usual shampoo. As the days go by, it will start to act, in addition, you may also begin to enjoy silkier and more revitalized hair.
  • Spray it on the scalp: add the infusion of rosemary to a spray and apply it on the hair before washing it. Leave it on for a few minutes before removing it in the shower.
  • Hair lotion: apply the infusion directly to the scalp with a gentle massage to stimulate hair growth. You can do it after you shower and then blow dry in the usual way.

Thyme to accelerate hair growth

Thyme has properties that promote the healing of the scalp, in the event that we suffer any condition on its growth and favor its fall. This is due to its antifungal properties, as evidenced by this work carried out by researchers from the Universalized Regional Automaton doles Andes.

However, in what way can this infusion be used to promote hair growth? You can follow the same application method that we have mentioned for the rosemary infusion. In addition, this herbal remedy can not only help prevent hair loss, but it could improve Propecia by stimulating circulation of the scalp.

In this sense, rosemary could also be effective in  strengthening the hair and allowing it to not fall out as often.

Other factors

These herbal remedies can be useful when you have a heavy hair loss or in times when this hair loss becomes more pronounced, such as in autumn. However, there is no need to be alarmed because we always lose hair strands. Hair is regenerated and it is normal to lose up to 150 hairs a day.

Likewise, if we go several days without washing our hair, it will also be normal for us to lose more hair when doing so. This especially happens to curly-haired women. Loose hair stays tangled in the hair until the next time we wash or comb our hair.

About Herbal Remedies To Accelerate Hair Growth

We encourage you to try these remedies that can help to show off healthier hair and promote its growth. However, if you suffer from Propecia or have a scalp condition, do not hesitate to go to a specialist to provide a proper diagnosis and treatment and to ask any questions before making a change in your lifestyle when using some of these remedies.

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