Healthy feet, the right footwear in childhood

From the moment babies begin to crawl and until the feet are fully formed around four or five years, it is important that they fit a shoe of the right size and that the type of footwear they wear adapts to the way the feet and the specific stage of growth in relation to the evolution of gait, since a child who begins to crawl does not need the same type of footwear as a baby who takes his first steps or a five-year-old child.

To have healthy feet, the right footwear in childhood is one that fits both the foot and the age and development of children”s gait.

What is the right footwear in childhood?

A baby”s foot does not have fully formed bones at all. As the child grows, so does the bone structure of his feet. Properly fitting footwear will help bones develop naturally, children learn to walk and move properly, and they will be comfortable and will favor healthy feet.

Children”s footwear

The first thing to do is measure and evaluate the shape and size of the child”s feet. For this, special meters are first used to calculate the length, width and perimeter of the child”s feet, since these issues are crucial to ensure that the shoe fits properly.

Once the child is wearing the shoe, it is necessary to check the six key points that ensure a proper fit. These six points are the following:
– That it has the correct length and that there is the additional space for the correct growth
– That it is the most suitable width and that no pressure is exerted on the sides of the foot
– That it has the correct perimeter for that width and that it is comfortable
– That the upper part of the shoe covers the area of ​​the ankle bone and does not rub
– That the shoe is well secured in the heel area
– That when the child walks it moves easily and naturally with shoes

Models of children”s shoes

  1. Variety of widths. Some brands have a wide variety of widths, as well as medium sizes so that children”s feet get the best fit available.

    2. Additional space for growth. All shoes must have additional space for growth. So they are still comfortable and have a good fit.

    3. Good materials. The healthy feet have to perspire and must be protected. It is important that you always look for footwear made of leather or other good quality materials that are breathable and with designs that provide support and cushioning on the foot, where necessary.

    4. Sports. Many children”s sneakers are simply miniature versions of adult models and are not made for the shape of children”s feet.

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