Happiness can be trained

Choosing to be happy is a vital attitude that can be practiced. Adopting the best perspective in the face of adversity on a daily basis prepares us to overcome it and learn.

Many times, I wonder if I am able to control my thoughts or if my thoughts control me, and who says if what I perceive about my circumstances controls me or I control the circumstances. These are questions we ask ourselves in times of suffering, illness or conflict, when we are told that we are going to lose our job due to a decision made by the boss and over which we have no decision-making power.

Faced with this situation, there have been many thinkers who have told us that despite everything you can choose happiness, but this statement cannot be transmitted because they say it or I comment on it in this writing.

Matthieu Ricard, from the perspective of Buddhism, states that happiness is within us, and that it can be learned and trained, knowing where to look and where to go.

Using simple techniques, he proposes training, which requires discipline and daily practice, and mainly the choice above all else, knowing that you personally have the power of decision.


According to the Constitution of the United States, everyone has the right to happiness, it seems that it offers us an impossible right but the truth is that it is based on a great reality that is sometimes difficult to understand.

Feeling that we are free to choose and make your decisions is essential for motivation and goal achievement. Being masters of our decisions and knowing how to turn the page of worries, fears and burdens, concentrating only on doing what we do with courage, enthusiasm and courage, becomes an experience of extraordinary inner fulfillment.

We have to learn to choose a perspective of reality that is the most positive. It is not the facts themselves that cause our problems, but the way we perceive them. We must be very clear that we always have the option of controlling any event or situation by choosing a perspective of that tremendous reality that is positive, rewarding and enriching.


Viktor Frankl, in his book Man”s Search for Meaning, affirms that to live is to accept with dignity the challenge posed by life, with its burden of adversity, and to survive is to find the meaning of that suffering.

Everything can be taken from man, except for one thing: the last of human freedoms, the choice of personal attitude in the face of a set of circumstances to decide his own path, and he transmits it to us from his experience and survival of the concentration camps.

We are inevitably affected by the environment. However, we have a choice, as a vestige of spiritual freedom, of mental independence can be preserved, even when in dire circumstances of mental and physical stress.

Sometimes circumstances cause concern or fear. One can stay with those sensations or take charge of them, wonder why and what they are had for. It depends on each one of us and the choices we make that our experiences are stimulating and enjoyable.

This proposal shapes our brain and subjects it to reflex reactions for a better adaptation to the environment and to overcome adverse situations or heavy work or tasks, it increases resilience, the ability to respond to those difficult conditions and the most painful experiences.

It is an application that can improve our physical and psychological work, but for this we must train our body physically and psychologically, always choosing the possibility of being happy.

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