GTA San Andreas tricks for police and city

GTA San Andreas trick: GTA San Andreas tricks for police and city

Pedestrians, vehicles, storms, stars … In this list you have Tricks for GTA San Andreas city and police so that the magnificent game of Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto, will be even more fun. All you have to do is enter the following GTA keys in the game:

OSRBLHH Trick: Upload two stars

BRINGITON Trick: Stars to the maximum

ASNAEB Trick: Stars to the minimum

CPKTNWT Trick: All cars explode

BSXSGGC Trick: Cars float

XICWMD Trick : Invisible cars

Trick AEZAKMI: The police are not chasing you.

Trick ASBHGRB: Pedestrians are Elvis

Trick AJLOJYQY: Crazy


Trick ZSOXFSQ: Recruit pedestrians Trick MROEMZH: Pedestrians are gang members

ONLYHOMIESALLOWED Trick: Pedestrians are your gang members

Trick IOJUFZN: Chaos Mode

CWJXUOC Trick: Sandstorm

Trick MGHXYRM: Lightning Storm

PRIEBJ Trick: Clowns Everywhere

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