Greymoor analysis. The long-awaited return to Skyrim, is it worth TESO: Greymoor?

A vampire lord in the cold lands of Skyrim is the main threat we must face in The Elder Scrolls: Greymoor, the new expansion of TESO that comes loaded with quality content and a dark story that encourages you to explore the great world of Tamriel. In this analysis we talk about its news.

Returning to the cold western lands of Skyrim has been quite an experience. How powerful is nostalgia. It was to see the imposing city of Soledad, with its unmistakable rocky arch, and to feel the urgent need to lose myself again in this fantasy universe. Hours and hours of adventure in The Elder Scrolls V that here become beautiful memories that help us to enjoy even more if possible the dark vampire story in which The Elder Scrolls: Greymoor embarks us. There are unmistakable places, areas that will make you remember your best moments in Skyrim, but also many other completely new places that have been designed with exquisite taste. Especially its enigmatic underground world, the Shadow Limit, which in this expansion takes on a greater role, becoming one of the most beautiful places in the universe The Elder Scroll s. It is not a small thing in an MMORPG that over the last few years has managed to surprise with fantastic dream places scattered throughout Tamriel.


There is something magical in these settings, so beautiful and at the same time dark and dangerous, that goes beyond simple nostalgia among those who have already enjoyed Skyrim. Each new place you visit manages to stoke the desire to discover all its secrets ; for knowing the stories of those poor wretches plunged into utter chaos because of a fearsome army of darkness, commanded by a vampire lord, who will make us live moments as epic as the exciting battles against dragons of Elsweyr , the previous expansion of TESO. I”m not exaggerating. When a hurricane wind darkens the world around you and the color of blood stains the skies … start to pray, because this infernal storm It is accompanied by werewolves, vampires, witches and other creatures of the night that will attack your position, being essential to have the support of other players to survive such a coven . These are random events that will happen constantly throughout the Skyrim region, giving us some of the most spectacular moments of the expansion. But are not the only ones.

Vampires gain prominence


Although fans of this MMORPG have had a chance to become vampires since the launch of The Elder Scrolls Online, it has not been until now that this blood curse has gained the prominence it deserves with a whole new branch of special abilities that change the way of acting of the bloodsuckers. Now they can be fearsome creatures, of immense power, but at the cost of also becoming more vulnerable to their main weaknesses. They attack with unusual speed, strike with superhuman strength, but if they do not escape in time they can be presumed dead.

The fragility of their bodies makes the fighting more exciting and tense, with some skills as great as the possibility of transforming us into mist to, after attacking, move us away from danger. Greymoor also gives more meaning to the life of the vampire, turning the act of feeding on the blood of others into an incalculable source of power … that has its price. The more victims succumb to your bite, the more powerful you will become, unlocking new stages of vampirism that will transform your character into a terrifying creature; but as you increase your power, so will the cost of using the vampire”s unique abilities.


Each new stage of this curse incorporates passive advantages and also greater weaknesses, thus maintaining the balance of power against other characters. He is not a new character class, there is not in this expansion, but at least it is a great addition that all players can access, regardless of whether or not they buy the Greymoor expansion. Finally, in relation to vampires, those who reach the last stage of the curse will discover to their regret that all the characters that inhabit the world of TESO will stop interacting with them for fear of vampirism, which sounds great if you role-play, but it can get frustrating during the game, since if you want to talk to the banker or a merchant, you have to wait several hours for the effects of the curse to pass. Blood, or take some potions that are not always easy to get.

The rise of these creatures of the night is given by Greymoor”s own main story, which serves to discover the origins of vampires in The Elder Scrolls as we explore the darker and darker side of Skyrim. It sounds really promising and although the plot is most interesting, with a narrative at the height of what the Zenimax Online team has already accustomed us to, the truth is that the main story feels somewhat wasted; it sounds too typical, sometimes with plots that fall short of the stories you star in on side quests. And it”s a shame. Although there is still much to discover through future updates, I feel that the fight against the forces of darkness has remained on the surface, without delving into topics that a priori are exciting. The good thing about this expansion is that it is still strong enough to propel you forward for the next 30 hours or so. It can take you to complete all its contents, but there have been few moments in which I have felt invaded by a feeling of déjà vu. We have already experienced this on too many occasions.

The missions are well designed and some include very interesting puzzles, but there have also been some that have made me feel like a simple messenger, taking something of value from an expansion that repeats many of the great moments of the TESO universe. Because if you used to talk about the storms known as Harrow storms, they are still a recreation of the daedic portals of the base game or the battles against dragons from its latest expansion. They are exciting, yes, visually a show, but nothing new. Fights against world bosses or dungeons also scratch at a good level, but except for the Shadow Limit area, few surprises you will find here. The main novelty has its own name, Kyne”s Aegis, which is a brutal challenge that pits 12 players against some of Skyrim”s most dangerous beings.


In general, the biggest problem I see for Greymoor is that even though it is a good expansion of content, it feels a bit wasted. Its setting is fantastic and the challenges it poses are fun, but it is a bit more of the same, with a somewhat irregular story that does not have the hook and strength of previous episodes of TESO. Nostalgia takes a lot, and areas like the Shadow Limit give off a unique charm that encourages you to explore its labyrinthine and dark passageways, but after surprising us with a powerful narrative in its latest expansions, Greymoor falls a bit behind. It has curious additions, such as the new profession of Archeology that poses interesting challenges throughout Tamriel.

Here the goal is to find ancient relics that will give us rewards like new equipment, mounts or emotes for the character. The method of obtaining these prizes is based on two simple mini-games: a sort of Bejeweled, called the Seer Eye, which serves to locate the position of the ancient artifacts, and then a kind of minesweeper, which proposes us to unearth the relics in a time limit that is consumed with each action we perform. The higher your level, the more and better tools you will have at your disposal and, of course, the better objects you will find. To me it is a mechanic that I liked because it is a good excuse to explore every corner of Tamriel, but I understand that some end up tired in a few hours because the challenges that this job offers vary little. With all this, if you like The Elder Scrolls Online, you will certainly enjoy the new adventures it offers in Greymoor.

After Morrowind and Elsweyr this new expansion may not reach that level of quality, surprising to a lesser extent, but there are few things more fun than exploring Skyrim 800 years before the events we lived in The Elder Scrolls V and continuing to marvel at its natural landscapes or its beautiful underground world. Although the graphic engine of TESO is becoming more noticeable over the years, this is still an MMO capable of astonishing with the showiness of its settings or the frenzy of its combats, although it is true that the animations of the characters are generally something poor.

Returning to Skyrim has been quite an experience. I”ve enjoyed every step I”ve taken through this cold fantasy world while passionately devouring the vampire story it tells, even though this one is somewhat erratic and lags behind that seen in other expansions of The Elder Scrolls Online. It has great moments, epic action scenes, but also somewhat boring missions and lacking originality. Even with everything, Greymoor is a highly recommended option to continue living adventures in Tamriel, waiting for that long-awaited The Elder Scrolls VI that is so much being asked.

  • Re-explore Skyrim and a Spectacular Shadow Boundary
  • The new vampirism options and the design of many of the missions that it poses
  • About 30 hours of quality content with a good back story…
  • Although the main plot does not reach the level of other TESO expansions
  • Something more original is missing in some of the challenges it proposes
  • Duration:Incalculable
  • Players:Massively Multiplayer (Competitive: Online / Cooperative: Online)
  • Language:Texts in English

The requirements Greymoor version for PC have finally been revealed. Below we leave you the minimum and recommended requirements of the Bethesda Softworks video game to play it on PC:

Minimum requirements:

  • Operating system:Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor:Intel Core i3 540 or AMD A6-3620 or higher
  • Memory:4 GB of RAM
  • Graphics:1GB RAM motherboard (NVidia GeForce 460 or AMD Radeon 6850) compatible with Direct X 11.0
  • DirectX:Version 11
  • Network:Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage:85 GB of available space
  • Sound card:DirectX compatible

Recommended requirements:

  • Operating system:Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Processor:Intel® Core i5 2300 or AMD FX4350
  • Memory:8 GB of RAM
  • Graphics:Board with 2GB RAM (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 or AMD Radeon HD 7850) or higher compatible with Direct X 11.0
  • DirectX:Version 11
  • Network:Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage:85 GB of available space
  • Sound card:DirectX compatible


The Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor

Type: The Elder Scrolls online

Release Date:
May 26, 2020


Also available for:
PS4   XOne   Stadia   Mac

RPG, Massively Multiplayer Online (Vampires, Dungeons, Magic, Dragons and Fantasy)

Number of Players:
Massively Multiplayer (Competitive: Online / Cooperative: Online)

Estimated duration:

ZeniMax Online Studios

Bethesda Softworks

Texts: English

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