Friv Games, more than 250 free and online minigames  is a platform of free and online mini-games to play on your computer with varied themes ranging from action, adventure, strategy, cooking, clothing, sports, football , but all with a common denominator; A very simple game mechanic.

We could say that Friv is a community in which both amateurs and professionals launch their online games in the hope of becoming known or simply returning a favor to other members.

It is a web page with a very simple and minimalist interface where you will find endless minigames that you can access through simply clicking on the icon of each one. The game opens directly in your browser through flash and as we have said, the great strength of this platform is that it is very simple and easy to understand games, even for the smallest of the house. Of course, very careful, since there is no classification by ages and some are for over 13 years.

In the community of Friv you can find more than 300 online mini-games and various programs  that are intended for the youngest public and that, in general, have the objective of educating, but above all of having fun. That is why the community of Friv has achieved a reputation that places it as the best online and free gaming platform of the moment.

Friv Games is a site designed to entertain boys and girls, but there are also a large number of games that are able to interest and entertain another more adult audience that seeks to relax or disconnect for some time from your daily chores.

How do you play Friv?

As we said before, the great strength of is the interface, the simplicity of each game and not least, they have no advertising. An aspect that, in these times, is appreciated. Everything is fast and direct, you do not need to register to access the friv games catalog, just a computer connected to the Internet and flash player installed on your computer. The negative side is that none of these games are compatible with your smartphone and the other is that it is perhaps not easy to identify the best games from among the many icons on the home page. For this reason, we will select for you some of the most outstanding titles:

As we commented, all you need to enjoy the hundreds of Friv games is a computer and Internet connection, although a good keyboard must never be missing from your computer, and we tell you why. When you enter a Friv game you have to first consider one thing: its controls.

Obviously if you want to enjoy each of the experiences, you must first know what keys to use and what functions and actions each of them performs. In general, most of the games are managed with the directional keys or with the keys W, A, S, D of the keyboard itself, and that some of us have used in those times of the Spectrum and MS-DOS when configuring the control in each of the games. As you can guess, other keys such as ‘pace” or ”Enter” are also often used depending on which games.

In Friv you will find free games for PC, but if you are interested in the latest generation video games, it will be your turn to go to the box.

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