Foods rich in zinc

The zinc is an essential mineral for our body, allowing the proper functioning of our body to intervene in important processes such as strengthening the immune system, synthesis of proteins and carbohydrates, functioning of enzymes digestive, testosterone production and estrogen, among others. Consuming it in the diet is very easy, as there are many foods rich in zinc and here we give you some of the most important.

Foods rich in zinc: sunflower and sesame seeds

If you are looking for a quick, simple and healthy way to incorporate foods rich in zinc into your diet, the solution is in sunflower seeds or pipes and sesame seeds. With 100 grams of each of these products we receive 70% of the daily dose of zinc, established at 15 milligrams. In addition ´the seeds are very easy to incorporate into the diet; you can eat them between meals or add them to salads, creams and stews.

Foods rich in zinc: oysters

Seafood in general offers an excellent contribution of zinc to our body, but among all of them it is the oyster that gives us the most content of this mineral. Only 100 grams of oysters are enough to obtain 100% of the daily zinc intake, and even depending on the type of crustacean we could receive much more.

Because zinc enhances the body”s production of estrogen and testosterone, the oyster has been considered an aphrodisiac food for centuries.

Foods rich in zinc: dark chocolate

Chocolate has also been considered one of the foods that improve sex, not only because it favors the release of dopamine but also because it provides us with a good supply of zinc. 100 grams of dark chocolate gives us 60% of the daily dose of zinc required, making it an excellent option to consume this mineral.

Foods rich in zinc: red meat

The red meat is not only an excellent source of protein but it is also a food rich in zinc. A small serving of 100 grams can provide us with more than 10 milligrams of zinc. However, it is good to remember that the best way to consume it healthily is by opting for lean cuts and simple preparations such as grilled or grilled.

Foods rich in zinc: peanuts

The nuts are full of benefits, and of course the peanut is no exception. And it is that in addition to providing healthy fats to our body, this food also gives us a good dose of zinc. However, it is important to remember that for it to be really healthy, only a handful should be consumed daily without salt.

Foods rich in zinc: the liver

The liver is an excellent source of iron and other important minerals such as zinc. It is an excellent food alternative especially for those who have a mineral deficiency in their diet, suffering from diseases such as iron deficiency anemia.

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