Foods rich in carotene”s

Do you want to show off a more tanned skin? Then you will have to add foods rich in carotene”s to your diet, a nutrient that is responsible for giving the characteristic color to some ingredients with orange tones and that, in addition, is a precursor of vitamin A. Therefore, this type of food is not only Being able to modify the tone of our skin also protects it from free radicals in the environment. In this article we reveal the foods rich in carotene”s so that you know which ones are the best for your tan to last longer.

The carrots

As a general rule, foods rich in carotene”s are those that have an orange, yellowish or very bright color tone. Therefore, carrots are one of the richest in this nutrient and, therefore, one of the ideal ones to show off tanned skin for longer. This is the reason why it is advisable to use a carrot lotion if you want to get brown quickly; in this article we tell you how to get a quick tan.

Spinach, Swiss chard and leafy greens

Spinach is also rich in carotene and, therefore, they are highly recommended to protect your skin in times when you are going to expose it to the sun. But not only spinach but any other vegetable that has a green leaf , therefore, if you add spinach, chard or any of these vegetables you will make your tan look in better condition and, also, that your skin is healthier and more protected . In this article we tell you about the benefits of spinach.

Red pepper

It is another ingredient that has a very colorful hue and this is due to its high content of carotene”s. Therefore, regularly introducing red peppers into your diet, whether they are boiled, baked or raw, will make your skin look darker and protected from the sun”s UVA rays.


This fruit is also very rich in carotene s and this is easily detectable in its peculiar color. By adding apricots to your diet, you will be able to benefit from the properties of carotene”s that, as we have already said, keep your skin in a healthy state, protected from antioxidant agents and will make your skin color quickly tan.


As with red peppers, tomatoes are a great source of carotene that maintain the health of your skin in perfect condition. You don”t have to take it raw if you don”t like it, you can perfectly consume it crushed or fried, but it is true that this type of food is more effective if you consume it as naturally as possible.

Sweet potatoes or potatoes

The yams or potatoes are also some foods rich in carotene”s as evidenced by his own skin. To enjoy a healthy diet, it is recommended to consume these ingredients steamed or baked and, in this way, not take in more calories than the body needs.

Benefits of carotene”s

In general, carotene”s are found in those foods that are orange, red or green, therefore, any ingredient with this shade is sure to contain this nutrient so good for the health of our skin.

The benefits of eating carotene”s on a regular basis are as follows:

  • more tanned skin tone without the need to spend many hours tanning in the sun.
  • More vitamin A in our body, since carotene”s are precursors of this vitamin that helps eliminates free radicals.
  • It also contributes to better health of our hair and our eyes thanks to vitamin A.

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