Five tips for a perfect first date

A first date with the person who attracts us usually generates all kinds of doubts and insecurities. That is why I am going to give you a series of useful tips so that the first date is satisfactory.

  1. Be yourself: Despite the fact that a date of these characteristics can make us nervous and in a state of alert, it is very important to behave naturally and spontaneously with the person we like.
  2. Use a sense of humor: In this way, we will not only gain more trust with the other person, but we will also prove to be a person with a sense of humor, a value highly sought after by people. On the other hand, you do not have to force comic situations, so you have to wait for the right moment to do so and try to be original and recurrent.
  3. Look him in the eye: In this way we will show interest in what he tells us as well as security, this being a very useful advice that we must put into practice not only on the first date. It must be said that it has to be a sincere and delicate look, and in this way we will not bother the other person.
  4. Use a close and loving tone of voice: The tone of voice with which we address people is very important, especially if we do it with the person who attracts us. On this occasion, the ideal is to use a calm, close and mellow tone.
  5. Do not lie: It seems a pretty clear point and yet there are many people who tend to lie or exaggerate facets of their life on a first date. If your goal is to be with that person, show yourself as you are, despite having defects or going through a bad work or personal situation.

In short, through these little tips we will learn the basic rules of a first date, where naturalness, self-confidence and sincerity must prevail over anything else. Good luck!

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