Five essential routes in London

A city as big as London deserves prior planning to be able to visit the most important or what makes us most excited. It is a huge city with many attractions and many offers of all kinds, but in general, there is always a lack of time for the visitor who one day decides to get lost in its streets. If you are not very clear about what you would like to visit or if you want to go to the most recommended areas, We will prepare a small plan for your holidays with five essential routes, which you must do to be able to say: “I have visited London”.

Trafalgar Square and Soho

This is an area a bit far from tourist monuments, but emblematic to visit. In Soho you will find pubs, restaurants, shops, bars and all those who flee in some way from the life of the big city. In the square, also, there is no lack of fun: cinemas, department stores, lights and theaters make this the nerve center of London.


An area along the river where palaces and large buildings have open-air spaces, negotiation centers and a political center. In this area we will find a huge group of royal mansions and the most imposing buildings in London, one of the essential routes to visit.

Covent Garden

It was the area where the actors who worked in London theaters lived. But little by little it has been changing and taking the color of today: shops, markets, artists in its squares. A very special area that you should not miss if you want to know London.

The city

Narrow alleys in which churches and skyscrapers crowd. A whole labyrinth in which to get lost and be fascinated by the executives who fill the streets and buildings in the area every day. It could be understood as the London side of the business.


Place where we will come across royal buildings as important as Kensington Palace and the wonderful gardens that make this a special area. Mansions, museums and royal and iconic buildings flood this beautiful London neighborhood, one of the five essential and most popular routes to discover this city.

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  • Plan what to see on each route before heading out.
  • Have a London guide handy to get as much information as possible.
  • Be aware of the schedules of all the visits that you want to make.

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