First images of the Crash Bandicoot game developed by King

A new game starring Crash Bandicoot has just leaked on the networks, and it”s not what we imagined. Coinciding with the announcement of Activision with its plans for the next financial year, which include several remaster and “reimagined” experiences in addition to a new installment of Call of Duty, the first images of Crash Bandicoot developed by King have been leaked.

This game moves away from the remastered versions that we have received so far: Crash Bandicoot N´sane Trilogy (with the three pyramid games in the series) for PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC, and Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled, a spin -off racing karts.

The next game of Crash Bandicoot has been revealed by the Twitter account Jump Button, and it is a development of King (who have given us games like Candy Crash Saga). It will be an endless runner game for iOS and Android mobile devices. The marsupial skills (jump, slide and swirl) can be done through simple tactile movements.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile is the next Activision movement to expand in the mobile games market, after the overwhelming success that Call of Duty Mobile has had in 2019, which in less than two months exceeded 172 million downloads worldwide and that raised more than 87 million dollars in record time.

Crash Bandicoot Mobile will alternate the levels of traditional platforms (with movement towards the bottom of the screen) with the possibility of building our base of operations in which to manufacture potions and enhancers. The game is in a very advanced state of development; in fact the leaks correspond to the promotional screens and the game icon in the App Store and Google Play Store, so we expect the launch in 2020, even within the current fiscal year, which ends on March 31.

The launch of Crash Bandicoot Mobile (provisional name, which has not been confirmed by King or Activision) does not mean that among Activision”s plans for the coming months we will not receive a new Crash for consoles. In addition, we can also expect other company characters, such as Spyro the Dragon to make the leap to iOS and Android.

There is only one being who is resurrecting almost as much as Keanu Reeves and that is Crash Bandicoot. If a couple of years ago we enjoyed his N. Sane Trilogy, and in 2019 we recovered another classic from the first PlayStation. Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled may 2020 be the year of his final win with this mobile delivery.

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