Find the secret code of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep in the collector”s edition

Solve the cryptoglyph puzzle and get a very rare exclusive emblem.

One of the many novelties that arrive at Destiny 2 in October is the premiere of the Destiny 2 – Shadowkeep expansion, which, as expected, offers several purchase options. Among these are the collector”s edition, which curiously includes a secret emblem that the Reddit community has not long discovered. How do you get it?

Although you will find all kinds of items in the box, to get the emblem code you only need two things: the Eris Morn letter, which is located just when you open the package; and the cryptoglyph replica, that weird hive artifact!

The first thing you should do is open the letter and look at the list of runes at the end of the statement. You will find four runes marked with a small stripe. They are random in each box, so keep them on hand before taking the cryptoglyph. Next, hold the side figure and try to separate the rings 2 and 3 by applying a little force. If your room is well lit, you should be able to see a narrow vertical groove somewhere between the two rings.

Once you locate that slot, draw an imaginary straight line and line up all the rings on it, so that the runes marked on Eris” letter cover that line. Keep in mind that the paper does not have to show the runes in the correct order, so some may be repeated and you should try different combinations. When you have the runes aligned correctly, stretch the ends of the cryptoglyph and, with a little luck, it will open.

Within one of the ends you will find a paper with the code, which you can enter in the code exchange portal of the official website from October 1 to get a super rare emblem (in addition to the one already marked clearly in the box ). There is also a special link to another page that you cannot open until Shadowkeep is available.

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