Fat Burning Supplements: How Do They Work?

Do you want to lose weight and achieve a defined weight? It is true that many times this is not easy at all. To do this, there are three fundamental pillars that must be incorporated into our routine to achieve our goals: healthy eating, sports and rest. However, it is a process, so the results are not immediate.

After Christmas family gatherings and those extra meals, the first step is to get back into the routine. That is, you should eat again in a healthy way, prioritizing vegetables, fruits and foods with healthy fats, fibers and proteins. And, on the other hand, physical exercise, the second key piece. Beyond these healthy habits, including healthy supplements in our diet are a way to get the results we want so much faster.

Fat burning supplements are the fundamental supplements that will help you effectively. Do you want to know how they work and how you should use them? We will tell you!

What are fat burners?

The fat burners, also called thermos genic increase body temperature to generate a reaction in the metabolism. This produces an increase in the consumption of fats and reserves, so they are the perfect ally to lose weight. That is, fat burners help eliminate adipose tissue, transforming this fat into energy.

However, it is important to note that they do not have a miraculous effect. For them to really work, they have to be accompanied by a healthy life: a good diet and sports.

The 6 most used fat burning supplements

We can find different fat-burning supplements, although it is best to choose those that contain more compounds and natural foods. We show you some of the components that will help you lose those extra kilos:

1- Caffeine

Caffeine favors the elimination of fat. It is very effective if taken before exercising, as it increases oxygen consumption and uses free fatty acids as the main source of energy. In turn, it improves physical and mental performance, as well as raises the pain threshold. Precisely, caffeine is what makes exercise less painful and bearable.

2- L-carnitine

Without a doubt, it is the best known and most used supplement. This molecule is present in our body to burn fat and is also found in foods such as meat. L-carnitine is composed of two elements, lysine and methionine, which facilitate the oxidation of fatty acids.

3- CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is an essential fatty acid found in small doses in dairy products or meat. What are its effects? It reduces adipose tissue, increases muscle mass and regulates blood glucose. It works very well with green tea extract.

4- Green tea extract

Green tea is a very healthy and complete ingredient. It facilitates fat burningimproves exercise performance, is rich in antioxidants, and speeds up metabolism.

5- Green coffee

Coffee is not far behind. Among its benefits, it stands out for being anti-inflammatoryfighting the damage produced by free radicals and regulating blood glucose levels. At the same time, it is diuretic, satiating and draining.

Feed your body and get results quickly with the help of a good diet, exercise and the help of fat burning supplements. Ready to make the change you want so much?

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