Exercise routine to increase muscle mass in the gym

When we decide to go to the gym, we usually have two goals in mind: burn fat and gain muscle. However, along this second objective, we can realize that things are more complicated. The first thing you should know is what exercises are best for you to achieve your goal and, of course, how to nourish yourself after a day of training to increase mass in the shortest possible time.

If you are looking for fast results naturally, here is an exercise routine to increase muscle mass in the gym that will help you define a key training plan to gain muscle mass quickly. Follow the advice, we present below.

Training plan to gain muscle mass

There are several gym routines to increase muscle mass, but it is necessary to take into account several aspects before starting to exercise. First, the ability to store fat in humans depends on the metabolism of each, so not all bodies gain muscle mass with the same ease. The key to achieving your goal is to adjust the diet and training to the characteristics of your body.

Secondly, it is necessary to define a training frequency according to your physical conditions. You should try to work all the muscles of the body to gain mass evenly, as well as maintain a constant pace of training.

Exercise routine to increase muscle mass in the gym

Start your exercise routine, always, by preheating for at least five minutes. This will prevent muscle injuries and leave you ready for action:

  1. Stretching: lean on a wall to stretch upper and lower limbs. You can also sit in a chair to ensure balance.
  2. Walk: walk from one side of the room to the other, moving your arms to the sides, up and down. This warm up is perfect for beginners who dare not start with more energy.
  3. Jumps: make small jumps at a stable point, opening and closing the legs. When you have more practice, also move your arms up and down on each side of the body to work all the muscles.
  4. Squats: ideal for warmth. Performing squats is not as simple as it seems, as it does not consist only of rising and descending.

Exercises to gain muscle mass at home: chest and shoulder press

While it is true that you will need a bar to lift the weight you think is relevant, you can easily perform these exercises from home. The chest press is ideal for gaining mass in the pecs while exercising the entire upper area of ​​the body. Let”s see how to press to gain muscle mass:

  1. Lie on a sturdy bench. If you don”t have any fence, you can lie on the ground, on top of a mat.
  2. Take the bar you are going to lift, but always making sure that you can tolerate the weight and this will not hurt you.
  3. Hold the bar with both hands and bring it forward (or up, depending on the position you are in). Then slowly approach it at chest level.

Complete five sets of five repetitions each at least, pausing for 1 minute to avoid muscle fatigue. To do a shoulder press, you will have to perform the same movement but stand.

Elbow flexion

With the push-ups you also work the upper body, improving the resistance of the joints while gaining muscle mass. Follow the steps below to properly perform this home exercise:

  1. Lie on the floor face down, supporting the palms of your hands.
  2. Stretch your legs, bring them together and support the weight of your body on the toes.
  3. Raise and lower the torso, flexing the elbows slowly at each descent.
  4. Keep your back straight and firm your legs to maintain stability.

Complete three sets of 10 push-ups each, resting 1 minute between each series. If you find it very difficult, you can do the push-ups with the knees resting on the mat.

Dumbbell lifting

Dumbbell and weight lifting is ideal for toning your arms while gaining muscle mass. So you should perform the dumbbell lift to increase the mass of your upper muscles:

  1. Select dumbbells with the right weight for your strength and physical endurance. In this way, you will avoid injuries and extreme fatigue.
  2. To start, raise and lower the weights from the thighs to the chest level. In this way, you will work the biceps.
  3. Then, stretch your arms straight with the dumbbells attached. Bring the dumbbells closer to your shoulders, flexing your elbows to balance strength. It returns to the initial position and performs several repetitions at a moderate speed to increase the tone of the biceps and shoulders.
  4. Now, raise your arms up to your head. Slowly bend your elbows and lower the dumbbells. Raise and lower the weights behind your head, always making controlled movements. In this way, you will work the triceps without problems.

Exercises to gain muscle mass at home: dominated

The chin-ups are fantastic for increasing muscle mass, toning your back quickly and improving your posture. If you want to gain muscle mass in the right parts of the body, you should perform this exercise as follows:

  1. Find a sturdy bench and place it just below the bar you will hang on.
  2. Get on the bench and hold the bar firmly, with your fists in front of you to improve your grip. The hands should be separated more than the width of your shoulders.
  3. Set aside the bench with your feet and let yourself fall. Fully extend your arms while hanging.
  4. Keep the trunk straight and bend your elbows outward to rise toward the bar.
  5. Contract the abdomen at each ascent. In the descent, take care of the speed to avoid injuries.

Complete three sets of 10 repetitions to complete the daily chill routine.

Gain muscle mass quickly with dead weight

For all those who yearn to tone and increase volume in a short time, dead weight is an essential option in their exercise routine to gain muscle mass at home, as the upper and lower body works, tones the back and improves your posture . To do the deadlift exercise correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Select a bar with a weight according to your physical structure and leave it on the floor.
  2. Stand in front of the bar, placing your feet just below it.
  3. Bend your knees slightly and hold the bar firmly with both hands.
  4. Take out your chest and contract your abdomen as you rise again with the bar in your hands.
  5. Stand straight and keep the bar attached to the crotch level, keeping the trunk straight and the arms firm.
  6. Perform the lift slowly, making the most strength with the buttocks and femoral muscles.

Hold the bar for 5 to 10 seconds. Then, lower it carefully to the ground. Complete at least five repetitions.

Curls with bar

Tone the arms and gain mass in the biceps quickly and safely with the bicep curl with bar. This is a very complete exercise to work your arms, so be sure to perform the bar grip properly:

  1. Stand firm in front of the bar, separating your legs a little more than the width of your shoulders.
  2. Place your back completely straight and hold the bar with both hands.
  3. Keep your palms facing you and then raise the bar at a moderate speed until you touch your biceps.
  4. Raise and lower the bar from the waist to the biceps.

Complete, daily, four sets of 10 repetitions each.

Face pull to increase your strength and gain muscle mass

Increase your muscle mass progressively but safely with the face pull. This exercise will allow you to improve the stability of your waist while toning your shoulders, back and forearms. It is also one of the most powerful machines to work the upper body, so follow these steps to perform the exercise correctly:

  1. Get a rotating pulley to perform the exercise. We are talking about a training plan to gain muscle mass in the gym, but if you want this machine to also serve you for an exercise routine to gain muscle mass at home, you should get the equipment indicated in a specialized sports store.
  2. Stand in front of the rotating pulley, hold the ends of the rope with both hands and spread your legs a little more than your shoulders. Then flex your legs slightly.
  3. Pull the rope tightly, separating it from the pulley as far as your arms reach.
  4. Bring your elbows back and bring the handlebars of the rope to the height of your chest. Complete the exercise by pulling the rope back and forth several times at a moderate speed.

Complete three sets of 10 repetitions each to get the best results.

Get fit with hip thrust

The arms and back are very difficult parts of the body to tone, so it is worth spending more time. However, we cannot forget the buttocks, lower back and abs. If you want to define your gluts well while gaining muscle mass, do the hip thrust exercise in all your routines. With this exercise you can tone the abdominal core and the hip flexor muscles, along with the back:

  1. Lie on a mat to comfortably support your back.
  2. Bend your knees, fixing your feet on the floor.
  3. Extend your arms to the side of your body, on the mat and, without making force with them, start to raise and lower the pelvis. While performing the movement, keep the trunk straight and the knees bent.
  4. At each ascent, contract the buttocks for a few seconds.

Perform three sets of 15 repetitions each. Remember to keep the pressure on the buttocks for proper toning.

GAP exercises to gain muscle mass

As we have said before, it is necessary that we spend a few more minutes to work shoulders, back and arms, as they are areas where you will notice the increase in muscle mass immediately. However, it is essential that we do not forget the buttocks, legs and abdomen, as they are parts of the body that also require constant toning.

Exercise routine to increase muscle mass in the gym or at home

Next, we propose a training plan to gain muscle mass at home or in the gym. All you have to do is be consistent and follow the instructions we propose below.

  • Monday: warm-up, dumbbell lift, deadlift, chest and shoulder press. Alternate with some GAP exercises or, if you want to lose weight, with a little cardio before and after training.
  • Tuesday: warming, elbow flexion, chest and shoulder press, curl with bars. Alternate with some GAP exercises (choose, for example, to do only abdominals during this day).
  • Wednesday: warm-up, deadlift, curl with bars, face pull. Alternate with GAP exercises.
  • Thursday: warm-up, chest and shoulder presses, chin-ups, hip thrust and some GAP exercises.
  • Friday: warming, elbow flexion, chin-ups, hip thrust. As always, alternate with some GAP exercises.

Remember to warm up before each exercise day. With an hour and a half a day of work, along with adequate food, you can get excellent results in a short time.

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