Educate in values. Friendship: How children can learn to be friends

The friendship is one of the most important to develop children”s education values. It is about personal affection, pure and selfless, shared with another person, born and strengthened through the interrelationships between human beings.

For the child to learn about the value of friendship it is necessary to train him with notions, knowledge, skills, emotions, experiences, feelings, and that we prepare him to live with harmony and respect .

How to teach friendship to children

Social skills are basic to fully relate to society. Teaching children, therefore, to cultivate social relationships, make friends, care for and maintain them, is essential. It is important because friends are their peers, they learn from them every day, they are playmates, experiences and confidences. But, for children to understand how important they are, friends tell you how to foster the value of friendship in children.

We want to make you aware of the importance of educating children in values, with our campaign 12 values, 12 causes. One of these values ​​is that of friendship, so we offer you all these resources so that you can instill in your children that value.

Children should know who a good friend is and why, how good friends behave, and how to maintain a good friendship. They must learn that a good friend can be forever, and for that it is necessary to cultivate and nurture friendship, day after day, at school, in the park, in the neighborhood, etc.

Contact with peers makes the child”s universe even more grand and rich. Through the other, he can learn a lot from everything and himself.

The child can learn to be a friend when:

– Seeks reconciliation and does not fight with his teammates

– Share your toys with other children

– Talk and attend to others

– Help a partner who has done something wrong explaining the wrongness of his performance

– He cares about his teammates

– Strives to do something useful for the benefit of friends

– Encourage your partner or friend to be sad

– Be happy with the positive achievements of others

– Invite your friends to play at home

– He worries about an injured or sick friend

– Show affection and love to your friends

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