Easy guide to meditate while running

Combining these two disciplines is an opportunity to feel more physical and emotional strength.

To develop mindfulness, or what is the same, to be able to live the present without worries, stress or anxiety, is not always to sew and sing. Meditation exercises to use, those in which you should practice sitting quietly, breathing deeply and avoiding distractions that roam your head, are not suitable for everyone or give results quickly.

Meditation and mindfulness, in fact, are not synonymous: “The Mindfulness is a state of mind in the present. Little by little it has been confusing the state with a series of meditation exercises, which can cover all our activities,  ‘said Luis Lopez, doctor of psychology and director of the master in Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness of the University of Barcelona.

One of the activities that allows you to exercise concentration and, therefore, enjoy more, is physical exercise. E n particular, and l running allows you to perform various t é techniques of Yoga Meditation. The Tibetan Buddhist monk and marathon runner Mipham Rinpoche has turned his careers into a form of meditation, something he has embodied in the book running with Mind of Meditation and on this website. These are some of the tips he proposes to meditate while getting fit.

Fí Jate reactions in your body. It controls the breath, so that it is harmonic, in accordance with the movement. Seek balance: prevent your body from being too rigid or, on the contrary, very relaxed. These exercises allow you to see how what you think affects how your physique reacts.

Thanks for the training. Give yourself permission to appreciate and enjoy the time you spend on the exercise. It”s like giving a gift to your mind, and it”s an attitude that shows immediately. Appreciating one”s own and others” achievements broadens the mental perspective.

Challenges to the race. The combination of running and meditating should be taken as a challenge: try to run longer or faster, even if you get tired more, and all this while maintaining a state of concentration. Instead of seeing this activity as a problem, consider it as something that will help you improve and grow on a personal level.

Search for a goal. If you have no goals, the body loses energy, the mind wanders and activities lack interest. You can vary your goals day by day in the race. For example, keep your attention, as much as possible, on what you perceive in your environment while running.

Feel worthy. The result of integrating meditation techniques and running is a feeling of dignity. You feel good because you gain energy and, in the long run, you align what you think, what you feel and what you do. Also, when you connect with your worth, you know how to recognize that of others better.

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