EA disembarks on Steam before activating its Access subscription on the Valve platform

Electronic Arts has released more than 25 games on Steam, a first wave of releases that precedes the arrival of EA Access to the Valve store.

As the company explains in its blog , these games will be part of the subscription, already available on Xbox One and PS4, sometime in the summer; This Steam Access was expected to be available in the spring, but it appears that plans have changed. As in the other cases, in addition to the games you have access to discounts and other benefits.

On June 11, more information about EA”s relationship with Steam will be given within EA Play.

Among the games the company has released are the recent Command & Conquer remaster (coming out today), Dragon Age II and Inquisition, the latest Need for Speed ​​or several of the games in which EA has collaborated with small studios, such as both Unravel, Fe or Sea of ​​Solitude.

EA Access debuted more than five years ago on Xbox One, as a subscription service that gives access to a collection of the company”s games; last year the service premiered on PlayStation 4. This Steam Access seems similar to that of consoles, although on PC they already had their own subscription associated with Origin, EA”s client for computers, where the company published its own games, usually exclusively. In fact, a couple of years ago, Origin Access Premier was announced, a plus subscription that includes access to premiere games or battle passes, for example.


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