Duplicate screen, a simple way to see what is on your Android on TV

The amount and type of multimedia content on mobile devices is increasing, such as songs or photos taken. You may want to easily enjoy these on a television, and one way to achieve this is by using Duplicate screen. We indicate what this development offers.

The work that takes advantage of is the compatible options that currently exist to send content directly and wirelessly from an Android device to a TV or other player that exists and offers this possibility (an example would be an Xbox One console connected to the same network). In this way, everything is completed in a really efficient way and, by the way, Duplicate screen does not lack compatibility with Chromecast, something that is indispensable today.

Basically, what is achieved with this development is to improve the user experience when sending content, since with a single development all kinds of options such as photos or videos are managed. Therefore, several applications do not have to be used to achieve this. And, best of all, it is done with great compatibility – we even talk about file formats – and simplicity of use, since everything is designed to look great (large icons, texts from very well chosen sources, etc. . .).

Without installation problems and with low requirements, the truth is that Duplicate screen works well even in terminals that are not very modern. The interface is well structured and, in addition, it is greatly appreciated that there is a side menu. Something that we liked very much in this work is that the scanning of all the devices that can be receivers of the contents is carried out automatically, so it is not necessary to configure walks or have very extensive cooking. Ideal to universalize this type of options in a general way.

Use and Duplicate Screen Options

In the tests we have carried out, two issues have been highlighted: the first is that everything is as simple as clicking on the content to be sent and, subsequently and after the aforementioned scan, do the same to the destination device. This done, the reproductions begin without major problems and are controlled with a very basic player, but that is enough. The second issue that we liked is that the loss of quality is almost non-existent, which is always positive (there is lag, yes, but this depends on the hardware you have, not Duplicate screen).

Interesting to comment that the contents that can be managed with this development to be used can be stored locally in the application and, even, it is possible to use cloud storage services such as Drive or Dropbox, which increases the flexibility of use offered by development.

Simple and practical, the truth is that if you have a Chromecast or you are one of those who consume a lot of content and want to see those of your mobile in larger panels, Duplicate screen is an option that you should not fail to try since it does what it promises. Of course, a pity that is not traduced to.

Get Duplicate Screen for Android

Achieving this development is possible both in the Samsung store called Galaxy Apps and in the Play Store (with a somewhat different version, that”s true, but it keeps the essence) for free. Simple to use, Duplicate Screen is an application that is worthwhile for those who want to enjoy multimedia content on an Android on a TV or similar.

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