DU Recorder: record your Android screen with lots of options

One of the things that can be done with Android terminals is to record what is executed on them, in order to save the steps taken to get to (for example). If you are interested in getting an application that allows you to achieve this with a good quality and quantity of options, do not forget to consider DU Recorder.

One of the first virtues that are obvious in development is that it is fully translated and we have to say that in a very correct way since the options and text that appear fit perfectly with the use that is given to DU Recorder. The truth is that you have to congratulate the developers for their good work. In what has to do with the user interface, what can be said about this title is that it has been successful with it, since it is easy to understand and, therefore, allows everyone to use all the possibilities that are they offer quickly and without doubts. Another success (although not so much the orange color used, which is perhaps something strident).

To highlight the floating buttons that can be used with DU Recorder, which can be placed on any side of the screen and allow you to quickly start and stop a recording and, this is something that we think is perfect when it comes to Perform work with games, which is completely possible with the application we are talking about. Additionally, a notifier menu card can also be used in the Android terminal if this possibility is preferred. And in this development if something is not missing are options, this being one of its best details.

In what has to do with compatibility, it must be said that this is great, and in devices with quad-core processor running DU Recorder is completely possible. Of course, when using the model application with a SoC of less than eight “cores” and 3 GB of RAM we have detected lag moments that are not positive at all. Therefore, it is advisable to have a terminal that is not an input range to avoid problems. Important to comment that the recording quality is very good and, best of all configurable , since it can be established from the process with resolutions of 1080p – up to 1440p – and choose the frames per second (The size of the resulting file depends largely on these two factors. It must be said that it can be used without problems on computers).

More possibilities offered by DU Recorder

One of them is to be able to edit the recordings that are made. Obviously we are not a development specifically created for this, but we offer enough tools to be a viable solution. Thus, for example, it is possible from cutting a video to adding some effects (and it is also necessary to correct some low quality moments to normalize them). It should also be noted that with this development it is possible to make live broadcasts, since it offers the necessary compatibility to publish directly on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook – in this case, if you have a certain end of power, the problems of lag they appear in a much more marked way.

As possibilities that must be kept in mind are that with the work we are talking about it is completely possible to make fixed screenshots , so it is a solution for these tasks that is not over (since, also, it is possible to edit the results) . In what has to do with the configuration possibilities, apart from the video ones, there is also what is necessary to manage the audio; choose the folder in which the results are stored; set a countdown to start recording; and, of course, it is possible to change the orientation of the video that is obtained.

Get the DU Recorder application

This development can be downloaded free of charge from both the Galaxy Apps store. In case changes, the process is very simple, and this is positive because it allows it to be accessible to all types of users. One of the most interesting options we have tried when recording what is done with the Android terminal, is the execution of a game or the steps to configure an application.

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