Dry, oily or mature skin: effective homemade essential oil formulations

Eco-friendly and inexpensive beauty oils can be made at home. Which one is ideal for you? Find out depending on your skin type and the effect you are looking for.

We believe we are taking care of the skin when applying a cosmetic but we may be saturating it with dozens of synthetic chemical people. It is important to learn to read product labels and recognize ingredients in order to choose the most natural ones.

Among the available, healthy and inexpensive options are numerous essential and vegetable oils, with very beneficial properties for daily skin care and to treat dermatological disorders. In addition, essential oils act on the emotional level and on the nervous system.

Their price may seem high, but they are needed in very small quantities, so they can be cheaper than many beauty products.


The skin benefits from all these properties thanks to the fact that essential oils are lipophilic and have a great affinity with the skin tissue, so that they penetrate and pass through all its layers.

It should be remembered that essential oils are extremely concentrated aromatic plant or tree extracts. Hence, cigars are almost never used and less in dermo-cosmetic applications. Vegetable oils (almond, jojoba, etc.) are the ideal excipient to transport them and complement their action by providing vitamins and essential fatty acids.

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They contain a large number of different molecules (in some cases more than a hundred), each with various therapeutic properties. The quality (chemotype essential oils are preferable) and the correct choice and dosage guarantee the success of the treatment.

It is advisable to find out how to use and the properties of each essential oil: some are dermo caustic and citrus essences are photosensitive. In addition, it is recommended that pregnant or lactating women and children use them only under the supervision of a specialist.


You can prepare your own beauty oil at home in a very simple way. It will be natural, effective, economical and 100% organic if the ingredients have this certification.

I recommend using a 30 ml bottle with a dropper (it can be purchased in pharmacies) and filling it with the chosen vegetable oil. Just add 12 drops of essential oils. This beauty oil can be used morning and evening, before your moisturizer.


Depending on the type of skin, you can choose between one and three essential oils, and a vegetable oil.

  • For oily and problem skin, recommend tea tree essential oil (antibacterial) and lang (tones the skin and regulates sebum). For the anti-acne oil, 6 drops of each essential oil are needed.
  • The dry skin is benefiting from the essential oil of rosewood. Its astringent properties help prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated. These skins appreciate a combination of very nutritious and hydrating vegetable oils: borage, evening primrose, avocado and wheat germ (they are mixed in equal parts).
  • The mature skin or very devitalized rejuvenates the essential oil jar thanks to its regenerative, tonic and astringent properties. The vegetable oil of rosehip, argan or borage are the most indicated.
  • For young, normal and healthy skin, recommend rosewood essential oil or Egyptian geranium oil. Thanks to their astringent and anti-stress properties, they constitute an excellent anti-wrinkle preventive care. The most suitable vegetable oil is apricot kernel oil, which is very rich in vitamin A.


The essential oils that may be of most interest to include in specific dermo-cosmetic care are the following:

  • Anti- inflammatory properties: Roman chamomile
  • Astringent properties: Egyptian geranium, rosewood
  • Firming properties: rockrose
  • Regenerative properties: rosewood, rockrose, ylang-ylang
  • Properties draining or purification: carrot
  • Exfoliating properties: rosemary, verbenone
  • Anti- pigmentation properties: celery, lovage, carrot
  • Healing properties: rockrose, lavender

Due to their affinity with skin tissue, essential oils act on the skin, but also through it and beyond, on the nervous system. This intimate relationship that exists between the nervous system and the skin justifies us highlighting these three very precious essential oils, which also act on our state of mind:

  • Roman chamomile. Pain relieving. For delicate people whose nervous irritations are manifested in a very sensitive skin, with redness and itching.
  • Damask rose. Antidepressant, nerve tonic, subtly raises the vibratory level of the body. Ideal for mature skin.
  • Orange blossom. Nerve tonic, anti-stress, antidepressant, sedative and excellent anti-wrinkle. Ideal for people who are stressed, anguished and to reconnect with joy.

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