Dream League Soccer 2020: tips and tricks to start playing

Through these tricks and tips to start playing Dream League Soccer 2020, you will have the best tactics and strategies to obtain a multitude of victories during your games, both at the beginning of the game and when you have already spent several hours.

In Dream League Soccer 2020 we have dozens of game modes among which are divisions, leagues and competitions, along with those live events and multiplayer games that you will always want to win. That is why, whether you are a new player to Dream League Soccer 2020 or a former veteran, it is essential that you know a series of initial tricks.

In these tips to start playing Dream League Soccer 2020, we will tell you what are the first steps you should do such as how to manage your team, strategies to win your first games, or ways to get many gems.

Dream League Soccer 2020: tips and tricks to start playing

First steps

At the beginning you will not start with a great team, but you will be in the league of the Academy division, where you will not have very high level players.

At the beginning we will be asked to enter the name of the team, also that of the coach and we must choose a captain. The captain”s choice will depend on the style of play you want to capture on the ground. So if you want, for example, to have a fast team you can choose the striker as captain, but if you want your team to be good in defense you can choose a defense capital.

After the above, we will enter a kind of tutorial game, where all the basic controls of the game will be exposed.

We will have a game of 90 minutes, although not in real time, with what will be more or less five minutes of our time for each of these meetings. Do not worry if the game of the tutorial you end up losing, because it would be the most common because you are a beginner and you still do not know the controls.

The idea is during these first bars, you get a multitude of coins, either winning the matches, playing a good role in them or even watching the typical mobile advertising videos.

As soon as you have finished the tutorial game, you will be rewarded with 1500 coins and 75 gems that you can start using to acquire better players.

Focus on the management

We are facing a title where we must manage, in real time, the good performance of our players during the matches. This means that you do not have a single minute of rest because you must ensure that no shots are made on goal when there is no chance of scoring, that no risky passes are made or that any player of yours is going to make an entry that can take a card.

Note that during the first games the machine will suggest different substitutions of the players during the matches, and this would not always be the best advice. So don”t let yourself be guided so much by what the machine says.

Winning our first match

For this we must know how to properly manage the team during the matches, and this is done by betting on passes, tickets and safe shots. This means that if you are going to make a pass, be absolutely sure that your target player will receive it, so do not play it in risky passes.

The same could talk about the issue of shots, do not waste shots from outside the area knowing that at first you have quite bad players, and only knock on the door when you are inside the area.

Finally, when it comes to tickets, try to avoid them because the initial team they give you is quite lazy, and if you stay with one player less during the match you will not be able to win at all.

One of the failures of the game, is that sometimes you face other teams that have the shirts very similar to yours, and that could be a problem. So be very attentive to the small icons that are on the players” heads to know if you are really going to make that pass to one of your players.

Don”t leave the matches

It is a practice that losers usually do, who do not know how to accept the rules of the game. In this case, if you do not want the rest of the humans to do the same as you when you are winning a game, do not even think about leaving the game even if you know you are going to lose. A good and well accepted defeat is the first way to have many victories.

In addition, you could be penalized, and you will not prevent the other opponent from winning the game since the number of goals that were at that time on the scoreboard will be remembered.

Hire additional trainers

Once we have some money, the idea is that we start hiring coaches so they can upload the statistics of our players. We have three types of trainers to hire: the technician who improves ball control, distribution, shooting and attack; the fitness trainer that improves strength, endurance, speed and acceleration; and the goalkeeper coach who improves all the characteristics of our goalkeepers, something essential in advanced games.

Win many gems

In addition to the coins, the gems could be said to be the premium coins of the game. We will be able to obtain gems by completing the achievements listed in the statistics section in my club.

At the beginning of the game, the first four goals of the club that you exceed will give you 10 gems each. We will have certain achievements in the Academy division: be well classified, reach round 2 of the global cup, win at least four games of the Academy division or score at least 15 goals in the academy division during the season. As you can see, the first objectives are not difficult to achieve.

New players tab

And once with all the previous steps, it is time for us to start visiting the transfer market to invest all the money we have earned.

You can also choose a scout to find you players of good potential and very cheap.

In this case we advise you to bet on common players but to improve the average of your team, since they will only require you coins, which you will already have a few, and you can start to have better results during the next matches.

As you can see, following all these tips to start playing Dream League Soccer 2020, you will already have certain advantages during the first hours of departure.

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