Does makeup protect from the sun?

Makeup is an essential element in the routine of many women, so it is important to choose quality products that suit our skin type and allow us to correct facial blemishes effectively. Today these cosmetics can help us achieve other benefits such as an increase in hydration, however there are many women who wonder if makeup protects from the sun.

Why is it important to protect our skin from the sun?

It is not a secret that the skin of our face is very sensitive and that, at the same time, the face is one of the areas most exposed to the sun, so protecting it properly is essential to avoid harmful damage from UV / UVA rays. Using adequate sun protection using sunscreen with an SPF suitable for our needs is important because:

  • Excessive exposure to UV / UVA ray’s causes, in addition to burns on our skin, further deterioration of the cells of the dermis, producing the dreaded premature wrinkles and increasing the marks of the passage of time in mature skin.
  • Another side effect of excess sun on our face is blemishes, which end up deteriorating the healthy appearance of the dermis and also affecting the beauty of the skin at an aesthetic level.
  • In addition to more wrinkles and a greater number of spots, the sun is also responsible for the appearance of serious pathologist such as skin cancer, more than enough reason to take care of us.

The sun”s damage to our skin is cumulative, this means that it takes just a few years of excess to pay the consequences. This is the reason why we must protect our face throughout the year, even in winter and of course especially during the hottest months.

Does makeup protect us from the sun?

There is makeup that incorporates sun protection and makeup that does not. If you buy a product with SPF and use it properly you will be contributing to the protection of your skin, however it is essential to know how to use it in the indicated way and also complement it with a facial and cosmetic sunscreen to achieve a better result, especially in the summer months or if you work frequently exposed to the sun.

If your makeup does not indicate that it has some kind of SPF then it clearly will not protect you from the sun. In this section we must make an exception with the case of translucent powders , very suitable for oily skin, since these, in addition to helping to combat shine without providing oiliness, can help to some extent to protect us from the sun. This is because they contain minerals such as zinc oxide that reflect sunlight before it can penetrate the skin, thus contributing to its protection.

Although translucent powders can be an interesting supplement, by themselves they are not enough to protect our skin from sun damage. That is why it is important to add makeup to our routine that contains a sun protection factor of at least 15.

Makeup with SPF

We must get used to taking care of our skin since we started applying makeup, so it is best to use products with sun protection and discard those that do not have this plus. Of course there are cosmetics to which it makes sense to add compounds that protect us and others to which it does not. The SPF cosmetics that should be added to makeup are:

  • The base, essential because it is used on the entire face
  • Powder either compact or translucent
  • The lipstick, do not forget that the skin of this area can also suffer burns


How to wear makeup with UV protection

Buying makeup with SPF is not enough to be protected, it is also essential to use it correctly to guarantee its effectiveness. To use this type of makeup we recommend:

  • Previously wash your face with the product you usually use. Then use a facial toner to remove any product residue and close the pores.
  • Once your skin is clean, it is recommended to apply a cosmetic facial protector appropriate to your skin type and tone. These products are not like the usual sun creams because they do not leave greasy residues in the dermis and also contain a little makeup, helping to correct as well. Wait at least 10 minutes for the skin to absorb the protector to continue makeup. If you practically do not expose your face to the sun during the day, you can do without this step, but if you work outdoors and often get the sun, then it is necessary to increase protection.
  • Then you must apply the base with SPF of at least 15. For the protection to be adequate you have to apply the base evenly all over your face, if you do it only in one area and in another you will not be leaving a part of your skin unprotected.
  • Then you must apply the compact or translucent powder to the skin, this will help not only to improve the finish of the base but also to ensure that the SPF penetrates better into the dermis. Then give the final touches to your makeup with the products of your preference and a lipstick that also contains SPF if possible.
  • For the SPF makeup to keep you protected throughout the day, you must touch it up at least once. Remember that makeup is diluted over the hours, which will leave your skin unprotected as well. For this, SPF powders are a good alternative.
  • It is also convenient to remember that the sun protection factor does not add up, therefore if your base is 15 and your compact you will also not have an SPF of 30 on your skin. The prevailing factor is always the highest.

Follow these recommendations and you will be able to maximize your makeup with sun protection, guaranteeing greater care for your skin.

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