Do you want to send tender messages of love to your girlfriend

Your crush is that girl who has managed to win your heart completely and surely your life is different since she is by your side.

So take the opportunity to express what you feel and make her feel happy. Use any time you are with her to tell her because it fills you with joy to have her love, but if you want to surprise her in a very special way you can send her a message of love that arrives as a crush on her heart.

Next we bring you a list of short phrases of love that you can send to your girlfriend, when she receives them for sure her heart will tremble with joy and it will beat harder for you.

Beautiful and romantic phrases for boyfriends

: “When I saw you I fell in love with you instantly, you are what I love most in the world, and you are unique.”

: “This I feel is so great and wonderful that at first it left me perplexed but now I know that it is a pure and sincere love that I feel for you.”

: “At first I felt in love with you but now you have awakened in me a deep love. I want to be with you forever.”

: “The most beautiful day of my whole life was the one in which we kissed for the first time, beginning this beautiful love story. All my love is for you. ”

: “When I am by your side I feel in the clouds, I love spending my time with you. I love you very much.”

Nice thoughts of love for my crush

: “Heaven, sea and earth could cease to be, but the love I feel for you will never pass because our love is eternal.”

: “Your beauty is complete, it”s not just your appearance, that”s why you”re my girlfriend, because you”ve given me your sincere love with all your heart.”

: “Every time I have you in my arms and we kiss, I feel that the world with its problems disappears and that it”s just you and me. I love you very much.”

: “I can spend hours watching your picture, it is as if time stops because your beauty fascinates me. Even when I close my eyes, I still see your face in my mind. ”

: “Your beauty is only a small part of you, you are so wonderful and you bring me so crazy that every day I live as if it were a beautiful dream with you.”

Send beautiful messages of love to my girlfriend who is far away

: “I have been very sad with your departure, I have become so used to you that not having you by my side is as if I only had half the air I need to breathe.

I feel that there is a great absence in my life and that my love for you has increased since I miss you so much. ”

: “You will not physically be by my side but I feel accompanied by the good memories of our relationship, I am sorry that you have to move away for a while, but it would be selfish of me if I will not let you try your luck elsewhere.

I wish you good luck and hope that our love can be maintained despite this estrangement. ”

: “The fact that I stop seeing you on your trip does not mean that I will forget you, on the contrary the lack that you will make me will be a reason to define my feelings towards you and I know that ours will become much more solid. I love you more than my own life. ”

: “I miss you very much my sky and I hope that the days left for your return will fly by. I will be looking forward to my treasure. ”

: “It makes me sad that I can”t have you by my side and I have to settle for feeling your voice to smile again, I miss you!!!”

Original romantic dedications to make my girlfriend fall in love

:: “I do not see the hours of your return, I imagine how I will receive you that day, with much joy, a bouquet of roses and many kisses and caresses that are waiting to fill you with them. I miss you love of my life.”

:: “I do not blame the destination for this trip that has been presented to you, it is a magnificent opportunity that you could not refuse, even if I missed you so much, I think that if I were in your place I would have done the same.

I wish you what you really expected and all I ask is that you never stop loving me for any reason. ”

:: “My life, I miss you so much and I want you to be calm where you are, remember that this separation is only physical because our hearts will always remain united and there will never be any distance that seeks to separate us.

When we have our loved one far away, it seems to us that life became more difficult and that it is so difficult for us to lead a normal life when we are not close to us when we are loved.

Look at this temporary distance in an optimistic way and that will strengthen your relationship with your partner.

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