Do you want to send beautiful messages of love for women”s day? 

Being woman is proud, it is prove to the whole world the power to accomplish everything and why this special date must share Indies dedications by the Women’s Day with your girlfriend.

Your girl every day faces the world with a big smile on her face and with her heart full of love, so she must have your support, respect and with the best feelings you can express through beautiful messages for your girlfriend on Women”s Day.

This date is a wonderful opportunity for you to conquer more the heart of your lover, choose some of the following original phrases for your girlfriend in her day and send them with all your love.

Greetings for Women”s Day to send by Whatsapp

: “You are from all over the universe the most beautiful thing that God could create, you are a wonderful woman and with all my love I wish you a Happy Day.”

: “Thank God that there are wonderful women like you who make this world a more precious place to live. Happy day, my love! ”

: “Happy Women”s Day! My deep congratulations on your constant struggle, energy and courage. I love you and admire with all my heart. ”

: “You are the cause of thousands of joys, you are my inspiration and the infinite source of the greatest of all loves. Happy Women’s Day for you, my beautiful Queen! ”

: “With a beautiful smile and a tender look you have the power to change the world around you as you changed my interior. Congratulations on your day, my beloved! ”

Beautiful and original messages for Women”s Day to send by Whatsapp

: “With your presence alone you rejoice completely my life and your strength becomes a source of inspiration and an example to follow for me. Happy Women”s Day, my love! ”

: “Let”s walk together and with our love let”s make this world a better place to live. My love, congratulations on this Women”s Day! ”

: “You are rebellion, fantasy, power, love and above all courage, you are an incredible woman who has won my whole heart. I wish you a Happy Women’s Day! ”

: “Your intelligence and desire to fight always make you stand out where you are going, you fill me with great pride. Happy Women”s Day, my love! ”

: “In your heart you have found the greatest of all strengths, that inspiration that allows you to achieve everything. Thank you for being a great example. Happy Women”s Day!”

Original verses for Women”s Day to dedicate on Facebook

: “Your heart is as clear as a spring of crystalline waters that brings life and fills all the places it passes with colors. Happy Women”s Day!”

: “You are the source of inspiration for your family, that strength you have is responsible for your dreams come true. Congratulations love on this Women”s Day! ”

: “I value you and I admire you very much for all your virtues and strengths. Happy Women”s Day, my beloved. It is still a source of joy and encouragement for all of us! ”

: “Happy Women”s Day! I want to be by your side all my life, see you reach all your dreams and share with you the happiest days of our existence. ”

: “In the same way that your love enlightens my heart, I want you to shine in this life, making your dreams come true and reaching each of your goals. Happy Women’s Day, my life! ”

Nice cards with love dedications for Women”s Day

: “I promise you that every day of my life I will highlight your virtues, celebrate your triumphs and love you more and more. I wish you many congratulations on this Women”s Day! ”

:: “Blessed be God who has put me in your path, who gave me the joy of meeting one of the greatest women in this world and whom I love with all my heart. Happy day!”

: “Happy Women”s Day! I admire your constant struggle, because you don”t let yourself be intimidated in the face of any adversity and you always achieve your goals, congratulations, and my love. ”

: “For you to turn problems into opportunities and make sadness you make this message go, with all my love, to wish you a Happy Women”s Day.”

: “I am proud to wish you a great and Happy Women”s Day. My love, keep going that I have no doubt that you can see your dreams come true. I love you!”

Through these beautiful texts for your girlfriend on Women”s Day you will make her understand, to the love of your life, that you appreciate and value her with all your heart. Devoting tender romantic phrases to your crush is something very simple to be, just visit us for many more beautiful ideas.

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