Do you need a card holder?

Wallet, wallet, card holder…? Why do you opt for these options to carry your money and documents? The card holder is gaining more and more followers, and today we want you to know the new models so that you can start using them.

The card holders had an exclusive professional use in the beginning, but today they are gradually being used on a daily basis and on any type of occasion. In it you can include business cards, your ID, tickets, so they have also started to be used as wallets.

Discover three models of card holders that will surprise you

Take note of the options that we are going to present to you, and you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Faux leather card holder

It is a card holder with space for 8 cards, made of synthetic leather. You can choose it in brown or black, and it is also created with resistant materials for greater durability. It has seams that reinforce its hardness, and that give it a very elegant aesthetic.

Horizontal steel card holder

This horizontal steel card holder is a complement with great elegance and personality. It is compact, robust and with adequate space to store your business cards, IDs, bills and credit cards.

Its size is ideal because it can be stored in any pocket which makes it easily transportable.

The interior is made of stainless steel, and protects credit cards by preventing demagnetization.

Vertical steel card holder

This classic card holder is a great option to store all your documents and have them on hand at any time. You can choose it in brown or black, and it has a magnetic closure, and you will also ensure that your cards, bills, and cards are protected at all times.

What do you think of our card holders? It is an elegant, simple, useful and very accessible option so that you can have your documents protected at all times.

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