Do not forget anything thanks to your Android: use Good Calendar

Not all terminals with Android operating system include a calendar among the applications they offer preinstalled. If you want to make use of one that is of good quality and that offers striking possibilities, the Good Calendar development is one of those that you must take into account.

This is a development that has as its most important and differential detail that many of its actions are executed with the drag-and-drop action , which adds a plus of simplicity of use that does not exist in other works such as the calendar offered by Google for Android. But the development we are talking about offers much more than this, since this application is very complete since all the possibilities it offers are more than enough to satisfy an average user.

Good Calendar does not lack flashy options. An example is to be able to use different views, ranging from the day it is to a more global one in which it is possible to see the entire month. This allows you to get a clear and visual idea of ​​the appointments you have, which can be from meetings to reminder notes – since these possibilities are present in the application. In addition, it is important to comment that synchronization with the different calendar services that exist today is present, so there should be no doubt about the usefulness of this development. It should also be noted that the configuration options are very numerous, and among them there are some such as the time sections or the colors to be used.

More options offered by Buen Calendar

One of the details that we found interesting about this development is that it remembers the options you usually use on a regular basis. An example of what we say is the texts that are commonly used when scheduling appointments that aim to establish a work meeting. This the application remembers and accessing the tab in the upper area – which has a star icon – you can see the most used and select them by clicking on them. It is also interesting to note that the number of options that can be added in the reminders is wide, with options such as reserved times, choice criteria and descriptive text. In this way, everything is very clear. The case is that we have not highlighted any fissure in Good Calendar.

Among the possibilities that exist to drag and drop, the one that we liked the most is the one that allows you to create events in a text box quickly – where you can also indicate the time – and, simply by taking this to the day in which you want to establish everything, you can finish the process. Obviously, this development is not lacking the option of issuing notifications in the system to remember the events that are close to arriving and the integration with such important elements as contacts is perfect (this can be seen in, for example, adding guests).

Download Good Calendar

If you want to try this application since the one you have does not convince you and you are looking for something more complete, you can get it at the Galaxy Store without having to pay absolutely nothing for it. We believe it is a complete, efficient and useful work. And, this is just what you are looking for in title as Good Calendar.

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