Difference between tone and build muscle

The difference between toning and building muscle is very easy to understand. In the first case, what we do is work the muscle in order to strengthen it, but without the need for it to increase in size; while in the second, what we are looking for is precisely this increase. Therefore, the exercises designed to tone muscle and gain volume are different. In unComo.com we explain in detail the difference between toning and building muscle.

Steps to follow:

1. To clarify the difference between toning and increasing muscle, we will first explain what is to tone a muscle or gain muscle tone in general. It involves working the muscle mass with exercises that allow it to strengthen and eliminate the excess fat that covers it, but without the muscles gaining volume.

2. In this way, a person can have a good muscle tone and, at the same time, be thin.

3. On the other hand, when we talk about increasing muscles we mean that we want to make them have more volume and that our appearance is more corpulent.

4. In general, to increase muscle volume you should do exercises that work several muscle groups at once. You should not conform and you should gradually increase the weight you carry in the exercises, so that your muscles continue to develop.

5. To better understand the difference between toning and increasing muscle we can say that to achieve the first we will do exercises with more repetitions and with little weight. For its part, to gain volume we will have to work with fewer repetitions and, instead, with more weight in each of them.

6. If you have clear these concepts described throughout the article, you can speak with more property when you refer to muscle toning or, on the contrary, the increase in muscle volume.


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