Create a company on the Internet as an individual entrepreneur

All part of an idea, that after being analyzed you think it could be successful, you have studied your target, your competition and the success stories in that field and you decide to start your company and also make yourself known on the web . If this is your case, and you have limited capital and limited human resources, but are willing to work hard and intelligently, we offer you some keys and tools to create your company on the Internet as an individual entrepreneur

Invest in offering quality

The fact that your business is on the web and not in a physical place does not mean that therefore you do not strive to develop all aspects related to quality, work with staff or collaborators to serve the client in the areas you are covering or to develop the aspects that your business offers, consult with experts and remember above all that you can create a business with a small investment

The image is important and sells

Having clear the image and the message that you want to convey as well as the objectives of the company is essential for two important aspects: getting investors and getting new clients, not only hard work is enough, remember that the image also sells so learn to work it

Develop a Business Plan

Would you invest money in something that doesn”t convince you? In a plan that is not clear? Sure the answer is negative, because the rest will not either. Developing a clear and strategic business plan that determines where you are, where you want to go and what tools you will use to achieve it is one of the keys to obtaining capital for your web business

Be patient

Internet for many is a magical door that will make you a millionaire overnight, because the reality is very different. How any business your response has a gestation time and is not always favorable, only by investing in good service and smart strategies will you succeed, and this requires patience and work

Study SO strategies

SO, for its acronym in English Search Engine Optimizer, is the area of ​​marketing dedicated to improving you’re positioning in Internet search engines, something vital for customers to reach you. You must study and understand SO , how it works and how to get success for free and working yourself, this is possible but requires intelligent work and knowing other tools that we present below

Use the free Google tools

We present them to you, they are free and will make a difference in the success of your Internet business. Google Analytics , web statistics, you can see the detailed visits to your page, its weekly growth, the time users browse through it and different data that allow you to work on the weak points. Google Ad words although it is paid has a free area that lets you know what words are indicated for your ads and helps you advertise on the web

Use social networks

Facebook and Twitter help you to get to know yourself on the Internet for free, but before you start, find out how to do it successfully, on the Internet you will find many manuals with strategies, take them into account and lean on platforms like Hoot suite that allows you to schedule tweets to be active 24 hours a day

Evaluate financial aid

If you are really willing to give everything for everything, you believe in your project and you want to grow, take into account the financial aid offered by the state and evaluate what you can apply for, this will allow you to get an injection of capital to grow

Be clear about your goal

Do not forget so that the company was created, what is your offer, to whom it is intended and how you want to achieve your goals, success is progressive and you have to work it, take advantage of what the Internet offers to position yourself on the web, read manuals, find out , study the success stories. We wish you luck


  • Be realistic and focus on working to achieve what you want
  • Use the strategies offered by technology and become an expert using the new web tools
  • Get advice with your friends, if you know web designers, lawyers, copywriters, ask them for their help in developing your plan

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