Courtesy helps you live better

Striking the balance between being kind and assertive is not an easy task, but maintaining a courteous attitude in front of those around you reinforces emotional balance.

There are daily actions –such as respecting a queue to be seen in an emergency, occupying a seat or getting out of a traffic jam in order– that generate uneasiness, especially when people push or someone threatens to “take off you to put me on”.

These threatening situations reveal the way of being of each one and their capacity to respond to complicated situations.

We need courtesy to maintain a physical and psychological balance, as well as an essential norm in our relationships with others, to find our place in the family, in society and in the world.

The lack of courtesy generates misunderstandings, resentments, contempt, rudeness, poor acceptance of personal image and individual and social health problems.

It is about knowing how to be each one in his place, within himself, in his family and in his group, and at the same time recognizing and knowing how to respect the position of others and the formal norms of each society.

It implies respect from all angles: respect from the old man to the young and the young man to the old man, from the man to the woman and from the woman to the man.


The basic rules of courtesy are simple: give importance to others and pay attention to them. Other times they require cutting, putting one in its place when it is invading the territory of others.

There are people whose presence we want and who we will allow to approach, and others of whom we prefer their absence or who keep their distance.

You only get to the hearts of others if you convince them, in the way you treat them, that your class or category is recognized in some way. And everyone has it.

Attention and listening mark the limits to be placed on one”s own words. Sometimes we must not miss the beautiful opportunity to be silent that life gives us every day.

Courtesy is not the privilege of the rich or powerful. When the mass media increase its audience with rudeness and rudeness, it becomes the privilege of a few.

Courtesy is a physical and psychic discipline, and it is up to each one to work on it daily. It is born of respect and admiration for the other, of knowing how to be each one in his place occupying his own space without invading the other”s.


  • Treating people well is a daily problem that has to be solved well every day.
  • The practice of courtesy is physically and psychologically empowering.
  • A Japanese saying goes that the object of all etiquette is to cultivate the mind and body so that even when we are seated, not even the rudest ruffian dares to attack us, and if they do, all the forces of life. nature to turn against him.

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