Although as PC gamers we may have a very clear platform in our minds, the reality is that companies have ensured that we find the one that best suits our needs. Not only with the most promising gaming libraries, but with interesting gifts and discounts. Therefore, we review all platforms to play on the computer.

Platforms to play on PC that you can”t miss

Video games have evolved over time to invite us to enjoy these games in the digital section, without going through a disc. And although initially digital gaming platforms were scarce, over the years this has been advancing and improving to provide us with different platforms that perfectly fit the needs of players.

And although it is possible that you already have some clear names in your mind, here we share with you a complete review of the platforms to play on PC that you cannot miss. It is possible that even one of them ends up making you want to install it on your PC to share space with that which, until now, had remained a clear winner.


One of the most successful and possibly best known platforms for PC gamers. Valve”s store has become a success over the years and has remained a clear leader, with few stores that have been able to compete against it. After all, its game library is not limited to being just for triple an acquaintances, it has ample opportunities within indie titles.

Steam keeps all kinds of secrets inside, including the possibility of getting free games or even making money without spending a single euro. But, of course, there is a whole world apart from the Valve store that can coexist perfectly with this one.

Epic Games Store

Although it does not have many years behind it, the store of the creators of Fortnite has a series of strengths that have guaranteed its success. Not only has he presented us with some of the most interesting games, either from the studio”s own harvest or as support for small studios, but he has also chosen a very interesting proposal for the players.

And it is that, since its great and successful premiere, the platform has offered a series of free titles that can be added to our library without paying. Every week the company has been giving away at least one game at no extra cost. Something that undoubtedly sounds most interesting to increase our library of games without scratching our portfolio.


The GOG store, also known as Good Old Games, is a Polish online video game store that possibly sounds too many players to be from the CD Projekt RED studio. The store not only has some of the most outstanding classic games, but also some of the current games that we most hope for or that we do not hesitate to want to add to our catalog.

It stands out not only for its ample opportunities when it comes to enjoying games, but also for its philosophy of accessibility for all players since it is possible to have GOG on Windows, Mac and Linux . In addition, it has a series of offers and “flash” gifts that can be most interesting.

The leading Indies gaming platform and the one that may be of most interest to players who support independent gaming. Of course, not only do we find games that are limited to being able to enjoy on this platform, but there are occasions when these titles can become present on platforms such as GOG or Steam, but it is undoubtedly a great support for those little ones. Developers who want to bring your idea to life.

In addition, although many users are unaware of it, this store has its own application , which gives us the opportunity to have a place to store our library of games, in addition to learning about other great projects that may interest us.

The store best known to Blizzard fans and, of course, those who want to enjoy some of Activision”s greatest hits. In this way, its objective and products are more than clear, since it is the official distributor of the titles of both companies.

Of course, we also find the occasional free game or discounts from the studios. But without a doubt it is a good platform for those players who want to enjoy great works like Overwatch or the successful Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.


As in the case of, the Origin store has a fixed mission and that is to distribute Electronic Arts” own titles. Of course, although there are games from this company that are already making leaps to other platforms, that does not prevent it from still being the home of many games and even interesting proposals with Origin Access, which gives us the opportunity to enjoy the entire catalog of the company for very little money.

In addition, from time to time and as a surprise for players, you can get free titles. In this way we have before us an interesting proposal to acquire games like the successful simulator The Sims 4 completely free of charge.


If many companies have chosen to have their own platform to distribute their games, Ubisoft did not hesitate to release Uplay. This platform has generally been necessary for many players for a specific reason. And it is that the platform was necessary to be able to launch games that were present in another store, such as Steam.

But not only does it have those conditions, it also offers us the opportunity to get games completely free of charge. Also giving way to many players have even tried for a limited time some of the titles that, otherwise, perhaps was always a pending question when purchasing it.

Rockstar launcher

Although it was made wait, finally the Rockstar Company decided to release its own gaming platform. And while it is true that there are many players who can buy their securities at stores like Steam or Epic Games Store, this can also find great games like Red Dead Redemption 2 to Grand Theft Auto V .

Of course, as expected, in the store we can find interesting discounts for Rockstar works. And it is expected that, over time, new proposals will be added to the catalog.

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