Come over: Guide to shops and restaurants to eat vegan and healthy

If you are looking for vegan food stores and restaurants or with vegan options and organic products, here is a selection. You will surely find one near you!

Whether you eat or want to eat a vegan diet or if you want to prepare a vegan meal or go out to eat out and are looking for vegan options, it is always good to have a little guide to know where to start or discover new places.

Caring for animals and worrying about their well-being also involves protecting the place where animals live and that they share with us: the planet. That is why veganism and sustainability must go hand in hand.

In this article, you will find a selection of food shops, bars and restaurants where, in addition to offering vegan food, they are also committed to being ecological or emphasizing sustainability. You will surely find one near your home!

If you want to know other businesses and brands to lead a vegan lifestyle, you can also consult my guide to essential vegan establishments or this selection of sustainable clothing stores, cosmetics, hairdressers, dry cleaners and other services that look out for sustainability.

Vegan and organic food stores

The stores specialized in vegan food products offer us both organic and conventional products. We will also look at interesting options with sale in bulk.

  • Vegan place (Malaga): physical and online store, with recipes and activities.
  • Veggie Room  (Madrid): food, teas, hygiene.
  • My vegan goat (Madrid): vegan meat and sausages.
  • Vegadiso (Barcelona): vegan, organic and in bulk.
  • Cal Vegànic (Barcelona): vegan burgers and milks.
  • Vegans & Bio (Barcelona): supermarket, with hygiene and drugstore, and a specialized bookstore.
  • Eco Center Rate (Rate): includes seasonal fruit and vegetables and weekly collection boxes.
  • Casa Perris and Jaume Renobell (Barcelona): these historic stores already offer different textured proteins due to demand.
  • Grans de la Terra  (Barcelona): nuts, spices, pasta.
  • Bulk Bilbao (Bilbao): wide range of bulk products.

Supermarkets without packaging

The first supermarkets without packaging in Spain are:

  • Yes Future in Barcelona.
  • Unpacked shop in Madrid.

Neither of them is defined as vegan, although a large majority of their references are suitable for vegans.

Vegan Cheese Shops

Vegan cheeses have been spectacularly successful. But if we want them raw, artisan and organic, we choose those from Vegan Fromagerie or those from The Living Food, both from Barcelona.

The latter also produce vegan kimchi and tempeh; you will find them in your eco products store.

Eco and vegan restaurants or with options

The reference website to know which vegan restaurants or with options we have nearby is still Happy Cow, where you can see how the offer has grown in recent years. Madrid has taken the lead in the number of options, while Barcelona continues to focus on health and the environment.

The offer changes depending on where you live, as not all communities have the vegan and eco offer of Madrid and Barcelona. Elsewhere, a conventional restaurant offering quality vegan options is good news.

  • Biocenter (Barcelona): vegetarian with buffet.
  • L”Hortet (Barcelona): vegetarian with options; It is run by the daughters of Professor Capo, a well-known naturist of Italian origin.
  • Väcka (Barcelona): they are also a vegan cheese factory.
  • Green Spot (Barcelona): with many vegan and vegetarian options.
  • Soup (Barcelona): macrobiotic vegetarian with vegan options in Madrid, Barcelona and Bali.
  • BioXoco (Barcelona): macrobiotic vegan restaurant.
  • 2Y (Barcelona): macrobiotic restaurant with vegan options.
  • Bio Bento (Barcelona): vegan and vegetarian from Host francs.
  • B12 (Girona): vegan and eco restaurant bar, with a wide assortment of craft beers.
  • El Vergel (Tarragona): vegan and eco.
  • Eco Centro (Madrid): large store space and vegetarian restaurant. Reference in Madrid.
  • La Biotika (Madrid): macrobiotic.
  • Level Baggie Bistro (Madrid): high-level vegan.
  • Tiyoweh (Madrid): yoga, eco shop, tea shop and vegan restaurant.
  • Vega (Madrid): eco vegan in the center, with menu of the day.
  • A Factoría Verde (A Corunna): vegan restaurant and eco shop.
  • Gaia Ecological Center (Seville): shop and restaurant, with vegan options.
  • Gusto (Bilbao): vegan, organic and healthy cuisine.
  • La Tastaolletes (Valencia): vegan, eco and seasonal.
  • Aloha Vegan Delights (Valencia): vegan with home delivery.
  • Ana Eva (Valencia): vegetarian with vegan options and garden.
  • La Quinoa (Zaragoza): restaurant and organic shop.
  • Tapasté (Tenerife): daily menu.
  • Biocrepería RiscoCaido (Las Palmas): homegrown products.
  • Gaia (Burgos): eco vegetarian.
  • Sesamum (Albacete): organic with vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Madre Tierra (Toledo): bio, fair trade and «glocalism».
  • Bodhi green (Alicante): vegetarian with vegan and raw options.
  • Cor de Carxofa (Benicarló): vegetarian and vegan, gluten-free, with its own organic garden and slow food.
  • Brotes Verdes (Caceres): vegan options, local cuisine.
  • EcoEspazo Vitriol (Lugo): ecothop and vegetarian with options.
  • Galgala (Vigo): store, bio and fair trade.

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