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It is one of the most fashionable professions today, which many companies are demanding and thanks to this it constitutes one of the main sources of work for those people who are looking for interesting entrepreneurial opportunities. The fashion of mindfulness and coaching came to our country relatively recently, but it is necessary to distinguish several branches of it and, the truth is that coaching in companies or also called business coaching is setting the trend.

Do you want to know everything about coaching in companies? We are going to explain point by point what it consists of and why its advantages.

What do you need:

To work in the business coaching sector you will need training as coaching and specialize in this area of ​​work within the company? While it is true that the objective of coaching is to help people develop their full potential, but nevertheless we work differently when we talk about dealing with personal issues and focusing that objective on functioning and productivity.

If you want to coaching, there are a wide variety of courses that promise to prepare you for it. However, it is not easy to decide on one, because the point is that it will always be good for you to have a certification that you have been trained as a coach and let”s say… you are a professional coach. But it happens that not all the courses that offer this documentation are really good. So you will have to complete your training.

The ideal is to have the degree, but also to be a good coach. Think that people will put their destiny in your hands and you have to become a good advisor. It is an exciting job but in which, more than in any other, you need to know yourself in depth and work on yourself. What you will contribute will be based on your life experience, so it is essential that you have done a good previous job on yourself and on your own insecurities, aspirations, and origins of your emotions, in addition to, of course, managing them.


How does this coaching work in companies?

  1. Whether you are a worker, a boss or an entrepreneur, you need to have very clear ideas about what your goals are and that, in fact, you are capable of achieving them. You also need to see clearly the path to the goal and be able to go around obstacles and adapt to changes, both those that may be foreseeable and those that cannot.
  2. Companies do not need a boss who acts as a superior squandering superior ego, but, although he must be clear about his place, he will also have to assume the role of leader, motivating his workers so that they are able to take its full potential. This is the job of the coach. Gone was the old figure of the professor with the ruler in hand and the boss with the whip. Now what prevails is the figure of the motivating leader who makes his workers feel comfortable working in his company.
  3. The coach”s work is not simple, because each person is a world or several worlds inside, and a company made up of several employees constitutes a complex network, a universe of emotions, insecurities, doubts, egos and fears about which have to work.
  4. After this, which is essential to proceed to the motivation phase in the company proper, is when this arises. The coaching in companies seeking to strengthen the skills of the organization, starting with its elemental stronghold: the employees.
  5. The objective is to increase the work performance of each employee and, finally, of the entire organization.

This is how coaching is applied in the company:

  1. If we have briefly seen the foundation of coaching in the company, now we are going to see how to apply it to our work team. Because this is what it is about, that is, to form a work team, where you will be the leader, but knowing that this does not mean that you are above anyone, so get rid of those egos. What it means is that you have the obligation to contribute to the growth of your workers so that the growth of your company occurs, whether it is a small company or a large company. The maxim of the letter with blood enters, has taken a radical turn, and now more motivating methods are opted for.
  2. The first thing you need when applying coaching in the company is to know how your team is doing. How are your employees? Are they yielding enough? Do you notice any deficiency in any of them? Does your team have any shortcomings? And what needs does the company have? Is there any unmet need that the company has?
  3. Once the previous diagnosis has been made, it will be time to proceed to work on it. To do that, what we will do is design the coaching plan that we will apply to solve those needs. This strategy has to respond to the needs that we have identified in the previous analysis and aim to overcome them.
  4. Since we are talking about a work team, it is logical that this work be done together, so it is important to have the commitment and will of all. There must be harmony in every step taken.
  5. The implementation of these strategies is important, but of course the monitoring and evaluation of the plans in progress are also essential. What problems have arisen? How is the company evolving? What strategies have worked and which ones have failed? Those who have failed, why have they done so? How can we fix that?
  6. Coaching requires a lot of patience and when it comes to companies even more, because there are many factors that are participating, and several people whose number will depend on the size of the organization. If working on yourself becomes complex, imagine doing it on a larger number of people.

Benefits of coaching in your company:

Now that you have seen how coaching works within the company, you can imagine what the benefits are, but we want to influence them more. Take note:

  1. Coaching is a tool that applied in the company or work team can cause employees to feel more integrated in the project and valued. There is someone who listens to them and helps them reach higher. This results in a feeling of greater unity between the different members.
  2. We do not forget what, after all, is the vital objective of applying coaching in the company, which is that it increases productivity.
  3. Employee skills are also developed, so everyone wins at the company.

The work improves in quality, speed and effectiveness. Both individually and globally. It was always said that unity is strength.

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