Call of Duty: Mobile analysis, the best COD action in the palm of your hands

His mobile debut has been a success. Millions of downloads in a few days! But how is the new iOS and Android COD? In the Call of Duty Mobile analysis you will discover that it is a most fun action game with a wide variety of multiplayer-focused game content.

We usually think almost automatically that every video game based on a big license that makes the leap to mobile phones will be, by definition, bad. It is understandable to see the background, it has almost become a cliché! but it happens that Call of Duty: Mobile is anything but a bad video game. Developed by the Chinese giant Tencent, it surprises the variety of content that this action game presents that does not even forget the popular battle royal that premiered alongside Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, giving fans a combat experience high quality which also stands out for its powerful staging. It looks and plays as you would expect from a title of this saga of success, giving us the opportunity to enjoy wherever we go from brief but intense and exciting multiplayer battles.

Do you have a few minutes to play? You do not need much to get into action, hit a few shots, and continue with your day to day as if nothing. But the good thing about this new game of the Call of Duty series is that it also offers fun to those who are looking for a more traditional experience, because it does not neglect such important aspects as the personalization of our soldier that we can equip with a wide arsenal of weapons of fire, abundant improvements and gadgets for all of them, and of course perks that will bring certain tactical advantages during the course of the game. It is a mobile game, yes, but one with enough quality to make you enjoy its action for many, many hours. And that is one of the great virtues of COD Mobile; a free-to-play game for iOS and Android that successfully adapts the Call of Duty formula so that you are already a veteran, or a newcomer, you can have a great time while competing against players from around the world.

CoD: Mobile, multiplayer action in the palm of your hands

Call of Duty is a saga that requires precision in your movements; which forces you to move and aim quickly to avoid getting a fatal shot. That”s why it”s hard to imagine that a mobile game, with a touch control system, can make us enjoy an experience like that of the main deliveries. COD Mobile succeeds, in part, although obviously the sensations are not always perfect. It will not take long to move easily through its varied multiplayer maps inspired by classics of the saga, and although it is easy to shoot, run and execute actions such as throwing grenades, using the knife or taking advantage of drones and other tactical advantages, the Answer can sometimes be somewhat inaccurate.

The game allows us to adopt two control modes: a simple one, designed for beginners, with aids for aiming and automatic shooting when the target is set; and the custom one, which gives us greater control over the action, allowing us to even configure the firing mode of each of the weapons we bet on. Ideal for snipers! The best thing about this Activision production is that you don”t need much to unfold with ease on the battlefield; shooting, running and wearing covers instinctively while you finish off your rivals in the most spectacular way possible. It is not perfect, and the possibility of using a traditional controller is certainly lacking -which is not possible by default-, but in general the answer is quite good, which helps you enjoy your multiplayer action a lot.

Inbound Call of Duty Mobile gives us access to five traditional 5 vs. 5 game modes, including Team Battle, Domination, or Search and Destruction. The best thing about these struggles is that the jump into action is practically immediate, which helps you to make quick games, without complications, without detracting from the gaming experience. Its fun, it also hooks like few others, and the best thing is that the progression system help you want to play “one more game” just to see what new weapons or upgrades you unlock. In this sense, although sometimes the game can be very insistent promoting its paid content with new weapons and experience bonus among them, I have not felt that micropayments are intrusive or essential to fully enjoy COD Mobile.

The progression and rise of levels is generally quite fast, so almost constantly you will receive new rewards with which to expand the combat options. You can improve certain types of weapons, or opt for others that radically change the way you go out to fight. While the prices are in some cases surprisingly high, as I say, you can enjoy the game without checking out; which is appreciated. Combat after combat, you will reach level 7, and it will be then when you can enter the challenging battle royale mode, which presents a new map and some differences with respect to Blackout mode of Black Ops 4.

The battle royale of Call of Duty: Mobile gives us the option of fighting in a squad, with another friend, or alone. You will have to opt for a character class among which you can find scouts, doctors, ninja or clowns, each with their unique abilities. In front of 100 players, the rules are the same as always, there can only be one! So you will have to use all the weapons you find along the way, but also vehicles and other gadgets. Here the touch control demonstrates that it works effectively, although again sometimes the sensations are not entirely satisfactory, especially when it comes to controlling vehicles, or operating with an excess interface loaded with visual elements. I understand that it is difficult to do otherwise, but sometimes I have pressed options that I did not want simply because there are too many “obstacles” involved.

Call of Duty Mobile has exceeded 100 million downloads in a matter of a week, improving the figures for other heavyweights such as PUBG Mobile or Fortnite , and it does not appear that its popularity will decrease in the near future. Tencent and Activision have big plans for a game that will regularly receive new content, including extra combat modes for those who don”t have enough with the traditional multiplayer and the battle royale experience. Visually speaking the new COD is also a spectacular game. Surprising the degree of detail achieved in the design of scenarios and soldiers, as well as the fluidity with which everything works, at 60fps in multiplayer battles and 30fps in the battle royale. It is definitely a game that enters through the eyes, but it is also a great multiplayer action title with which you will enjoy exciting competitive fighting and also a solid battle royal experience.

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