Belt types and how to combine them

One of the most important and famous men”s accessories in men”s fashion is belts. The basic utility of belts is to adjust our pants and prevent them from being lowered all the time, but now we also want a belt to be attractive, fashionable, and stylish and also fulfill its basic function described above.

The belt is an indispensable piece in every men”s wardrobe, or at least it should be. In recent years, many men dispense with it, not only when they wear formal dress – when it is an essential requirement not to wear it – but also in day-to-day life.

However, this accessory, crowned as one of the oldest in history, can become a key part of every look, both for its functional side, to hold pants that do not fit enough; as in aesthetics, to put a different note on our daily appearance. Of course, not all belts are suitable for all occasions. That is why here is a quick guide to differentiate the types of belt and always get it right.

The leather belt

Among all the types of belt, the basic one that every man should have is the one with smooth leather and a simple buckle. One in black and another in brown or leather to be able to combine them according to the look we choose. Once we have these two proposals, other options that follow this line are those made in exotic skins , such as snake, crocodile or ostrich, which provide a special carving to the piece depending on the material chosen.

When: its versatility allows this belt to fit into any look we wear with shoes, from the suit to go to work to more relaxed situations. In the case of opting for sports there are other more casual models that we will see later.

The braided belt

Halfway between the traditional model (plain) and the more informal proposals, the braided belt has made an important place in the men”s wardrobe. We can find it both in leather -and its basic color in brown- or in rubber, in which colors are even mixed.

When: the leather model is perfect for arranged occasions that do not require a too strict but formal dress code. For example, with dress pants or jeans paired with a suede shirt and loafers. On the other hand, the rubber ones provide a more informal touch, more suitable for the weekend and comfortable looks in which shoes and sneakers can be alternated.

Canvas / split leather belt

The canvas belt is the most formal option in sporty looks. With leather ends and a body made of another material, this model allows a greater mix of colors and patterns, which makes it a belt for spring or summer.

When: the canvas is only suitable for sport situations, as we have already said, with jeans or chinos, but never for more formal occasions where a suit or more serious clothing is required.

A detail to take into account with this model is that, by having the possibility of including different colors and prints, the possibilities of error in the combinations with the rest of the clothes increase. An infallible trick is to follow the color range of the other garments that make up the look.

How to combine it

In this section we have to differentiate between two possible options: formal and sport.

In formal situations that require a suit or a more serious outfit, the classic rule is to match, as far as possible, the tone of the belt with that of the chosen shoes. In this way, it will be possible to harmonize the look and not stand out excessively in those appointments in which discretion must prevail.

On the other hand, for more sporty occasions the options are expanded and the possibilities are much greater, since there is no strict rule or an exhaustive dress code that prevents different mixes without having to combine the accessories.

This does not mean that we should leave the choice of belt to free will, we must look for an option that fits each look without clashing. A good tip, as we have pointed out before, is to follow the chromatic range of the rest of the chosen garments or, for the more daring, choose a color that contrasts with them to give more importance to this accessory.

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