Behaviors that are destroying your personal relationships

We must bear in mind that our personal relationships will depend to a great extent on our emotional health, so the first thing we must do is take care of ourselves.

Fully engage in your personal relationships does not always guarantee success there. In fact, dedication to loved ones often prevents you from appreciating the mistakes that are made.

This is something that can irreparably damage your personal relationships, even when it comes to the safest of unions. We can all make mistakes without realizing it and ignore potentially harmful behaviors that we can have with our partner.

It is important to make an effort to understand the problems that are and to solve them before they start to ruin the relationship. These are some of those mistakes.

1. Being financially irresponsible undermines your personal relationships

The issue of money can end any type of relationship. Very especially if your problems stem from a reckless attitude when spending or the unwillingness to save.

On the other hand, problems can also arise when financial responsibility begins to affect others. This reveals a great lack of consideration on the part of the other.

One way to avoid this is to adopt a responsible attitude in finances. Take the time to talk to your partner about the steps and expectations for a stable future. At the same time, plan your expenses appropriately.

2. Have no other interests outside of your relationship

This is one of the extremes that can quickly end your personal relationships. Consuming all your energy focusing on your love for your partner can wear you out. This usually prevents you from having any other interest outside of the relationship.

The idea, at first glance, seems very romantic. The problem is that it prevents you from developing as a person. You may also find that negative emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and paranoia, take over.

The best way to prevent this from happening is to make a list of how to spend your free time alone. This will provide a reminder of your interests, which will give you exclusive time and allow your partner to take a breather.

3. Create a dependent relationship

Constantly depending on each other can quickly ruin any type of personal relationship. These relationships are defined by a pattern of behavior in which you become dependent on your partner in order to feel confidence and self-esteem. 

A relationship is based on the idea of ​​uniting two lives in one. It is crucial that you maintain a unique sense of identity that allows you to have self-esteem. In this way, you will not depend on your partner all the time to satisfy your emotional needs.

4. Act like you”re alone

Although dependency is a problem in personal relationships, it is important that you do not leave your partner completely aside either. Remember that a love relationship involves two people who love, support each other and positively interact with each other.

Acting as if you are alone, doing things without taking the opinion of the couple when it is something that concerns you, gives you the feeling that you do not care what they feel or think. You must be willing to give up some faction of your unique lifestyle and integrate your partner.

5. Act insecure and sensitive

Everyone has periods when they feel sad, outraged, or depressed. This is something that has a huge negative impact on how you see things and how you behave.

If this is recurring, it will wreak havoc on your personal relationships. It will negatively affect your partner and will trigger feelings of insecurity and jealousy in you.

  • It is crucial that you recognize that you are doing wrong and are struggling to break bad behavior patterns.
  • Realize that the problem is in youand you will be able to see your personal relationships in a more objective way.
  • Remember that no matter how much your partner loves you, it is exhaustingfor anyone to deal with someone insecure all the time.

6. Show lack of affection

Not everyone shows affection the same way. While for some it is very easy to be loving constantly, for others it is easier to demonstrate feelings through physical intimacy. However, although most personal relationships can tolerate this difference to some degree, this is one factor that can cause the relationship to fail.

On many occasions, your partner may feel undervalued or loved.  Therefore, it is important to make the effort and demonstrate your feelings. Hugs, kisses or even holding hands are small acts of love that will let your partner know that you love her.

7. To criticize or scold excessively

Constant criticism can cause many personal relationships to fail. There are several reasons, but the main one is that it shows that you focus mainly on what your partner does wrong. This tends to trigger resentments that, over time, generate communication problems.

It is important that instead of emphasizing the negative things, you use positive reinforcements when you want to help your partner to be better. Be more empathetic and give her time to act on her own.

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