Beauty tips with white vinegar

Vinegar has always been used in the culinary field, but it is increasingly used in cosmetics since there are many benefits that this natural product can have for our body. White vinegar , made from sugar cane, is one of the best products that we can include in our beauty routine to be more beautiful than ever and not harm ourselves with the use of chemical products.

This type of vinegar is perfect for skin care, hair and even teeth, all thanks to its antiseptic, fungicidal, antibacterial, whitening and astringent properties, among others. Learn in this article all the beauty tips with white vinegar that will enhance the natural beauty of your skin, hair and teeth.

White vinegar as a scrub

Some of the best beauty tricks with white vinegar are those that serve to take care of your skin easily and offering a healthy and radiant appearance. With this product so used in the kitchen you can achieve a deep exfoliation, eliminate age spots and acne, and also to close the pores on your face.

The first beauty tip with this vinegar is a deep peel, so before you do a facial, it is good to exfoliate your skin to remove possible impurities and old cells. If you prefer to use a natural product, white vinegar is very easy to apply and helps us maintain good skin hygiene thanks to its antibacterial and anti-fungal power. Follow these instructions to exfoliate your face with white vinegar:

  1. In a bowl mix water and white vinegar in equal parts
  2. Soak a cotton pad in the mix
  3. Apply the mixture to your face with gentle circular massages to allow the white vinegar to be absorbed better
  4. Allow it to act for about 15-20 minutes and rinse your face with plenty of water
  5. It is possible that it irritates your skin, so if you have sensitive skin it is better not to use this product or, if after a few minutes it starts to bother you, remove it without waiting the indicated time
  6. After using this vinegar, you will see that the skin has become smoother and cleaner
  7. You should hydrate your skin with a light or more oily moisturizer, depending on your skin type

Close the pores with white vinegar

This product can also serve you after a facial cleansing as a tonic to close the pores of the dermis of your face thanks to its astringent capacity, which also helps us to keep the skin healthy and clean due to its properties against bacteria accumulated in the dermis throughout the day.

To use it as a facial lotion to reduce open pores, you can make the same mixture explained above for the exfoliation or, you can add other products that will serve to reinforce the astringent action of the vinegar:

  1. Mix in a container a 4 tablespoons white vinegar and a little lemon juice.
  2. With a cotton pad or a cotton cloth soaked in the mixture, apply it to the entire skin of your face.
  3. Let it act for at least 20 minutes and rinse your face well.
  4. Another option to use white vinegar to close the pores is to add it to a face mask with, for example, egg or honey, two very suitable natural products since, in addition to reducing the pores, they hydrate and nourish the skin deeply.
  5. If you choose to use the masks, let them work for at least 30 minutes before removing them with plenty of water.

Remove skin spots with white vinegar

This vinegar is also very useful to get rid of blemishes from the dermis, either due to age or having acne, since it has exfoliating and whitening capabilities that help to lighten the skin easily. To remove age spots and acne spots with white vinegar, follow these instructions:

  1. Mix white vinegar and chamomile in equal parts in a container, these two ingredients together enhance their skin lightening abilities
  2. You can apply the mixture with a cloth or a cotton disk on the entire face or, apply it only on the spots that you want to eliminate or reduce
  3. Let it dry or allow the mixture to work for about 15 minutes and rinse your face
  4. In a few days you will see that your skin is lightening and the spots are significantly reduced

White vinegar against frizz

If your hair is easily frizzy or if you have dandruff, white vinegar is a sure bet to fix it, in fact this is one of the most popular beauty tips with white vinegar.

  1. Wash your hair as you usually do
  2. After washing, mix equal parts cold water with white vinegar and put it in a sprayer
  3. Spray a little of this mixture on your hair before drying it completely, thus avoiding frizz and giving your hair more shine.
  4. Do not rinse it again, but you must let it dry on its own or use the dryer without much heat

Whiten your teeth with white vinegar

Finally, another of the most popular beauty tricks with white vinegar is teeth whitening thanks to its great capacity for it. You just have to put a few drops of this vinegar on your toothbrush instead of the usual toothpaste and brush your teeth correctly at least once a week.

Also, you can use it as a rinse to refresh your breath. The first few days of using it you will already notice some improvement, but after a few weeks of use your teeth will look white and without stains.

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