Battle for the Galaxy: troops, battles … and all in real time

Build up troops, develop new buildings and, of course, defeat enemies on the battlefield. This is what the game Battle for the Galaxy offers, which mixes it with real-time strategy … and the result is a very interesting cocktail considering that this is a completely free development.

The objective of the game is quite simple since as general of your troops you have to achieve two objectives: the first is to have the highest quantity and quality of units possible to defeat the enemies. The second objective is to build a base on which to build different buildings that will allow you to evolve your weapons and options. Without forgetting that you have to add defensive constructions in case you are attacked.

Therefore, condiments are those that usually exist in real-time strategy games … but with some details that are particular to Battle for the Galaxy. An example is that in battles the control you have of your troops is limited: you only place them at the starting point – which is important – and they decide to go for the closest enemies they have (limited options, no doubt). On the other hand, the number of units and development options in buildings is very large, superior to what is usually seen in similar games. This gives a different touch to the work we are talking about.

In what has to do with the control of the game everything is done in the central area, where you press to access buildings and troops. And, the truth is that when translated Battle for the Galaxy everything is quite simple. Of course, the access buttons to the battles or the summary of troops and constructions are somewhat small, and sometimes they are not accessed with great comfort. By the way, that we have not detected any problem in the execution of the development that is not very demanding and in the input range model works perfectly (which is very positive and, therefore, this title is an excellent possibility for smartphones and tablets of the smallest).

More details of Battle for the Galaxy

One of the important ones is that the graphics are compelling. Without being very elaborate, they fulfill a real-time strategy job. Besides, it must be said that the sound is inconsequential and, therefore, in general terms in what has to do with the technical section Battle for the Galaxy is a solvent development. By the way, it is important to keep in mind that there is the possibility of making purchases within the title, but the truth is that to move forward and have a complete base it is not necessary to do this – but to invest a good amount of time- .

Apart from the main mission you have at all levels, there are additional ones that make Battle for the Galaxy always have challenges (which sometimes has a time limit to be completed and that are both elimination and construction). The fact is that this work is a fairly complete game that ensures many hours of fun and allows several advancement strategies due to its many possibilities of construction … But the limitation of controlling the troops in combat will make someone feel a little disappointed (but yes, you get used to it).

Download game Battle for the Galaxy

If you want to see for yourself what this development offers, you can get it completely for free in both the Galaxy Store and the Play Store. In both cases the process is very simple and, therefore, it is quite worth giving it a try – if the real-time strategy games are the ones you like to enjoy with your Android terminal.

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