Avoid dizziness and vomiting of children and babies on car trips

The long-awaited vacations arrive and the whole family prepares to enjoy a well-deserved rest. The problem is knowing which destination to choose and which one will be the best when traveling with children.

There are several alternatives and also different types of transport, such as the plane, the train, the bus or the car. However, the car is still the most used means to travel on the road with children. It is then when another doubt assails us: how to avoid the dizziness and vomiting of children and babies?

Why dizziness and vomiting of children occur on trips

Not all children get dizzy, but it is quite common among the little ones. There are children more susceptible to dizziness than others, especially the most restless. It mainly affects children over 2 years of age and constitutes discomfort to the child, concerns for parents, and a risk of dismissal and even accident during the trip. But why do dizziness occur?

Dizziness in children is due to several causes, but the main one is excessive stimulation of the vestibular apparatus (related to balance and spatial control and is in the part of the inner ear).

It is the so-called motion sickness, a type of dizziness that worsens after 2 years and gradually disappears as the child grows. It usually disappears at age 12.

The main symptoms are nausea and cyclic vomiting. Also yawns, excessive salivation and paleness. This type of prolonged dizziness can cause hypotension and dehydration. .

12 tips to avoid dizziness and vomiting of children on trips

1- If the child is very young, it is best to consult the pediatrician before embarking on a car trip. Only he can administer any product that can reduce the child”s dizziness.

2- In the case of older children, that is, after 3 years, they can be given some candy or gum that prevents dizziness.

3- Try to get the child distracted and look at other things, landscapes, details, on the road. Play with him the ”I see I see”, tongue twisters, riddles or any other activity that makes him forget the dizziness.

4- Entertain him by playing some children”s music and encourage him to sing and speak. Tell him stories.

5- Prevent the child from reading.

6- Keep the car aired. Do not smoke during the trip.

7- Make a stop every two hours so that everyone can stretch their legs and renew the air.

8- Do not feed the child before the trip. That can overload your stomach. It is preferable that he eat dry foods rich in carbohydrates. And don”t drink soda or milk.

9- During the trip, if the child is hungry, offer him a cookie or bauble.

10- In case the child vomits, make him drink small amounts of sugar water frequently.

11- If the child falls asleep, be prepared with handbags, in case he wakes up wanting to vomit.

12- If the child returns, do not get nervous. It will not help to improve the situation. With this care, parents can reduce the risk of dizziness.

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