Avalanche Studios opens a new office in Liverpool

Avalanche Studios, responsible for the Just Cause saga, has reported through its official website that it has just opened its first office in the United Kingdom in an expansion project that will last about five years. The location chosen for the new office – which will still take some time to open its doors due to the emergency situation – will be Liverpool, a city that they describe as “the perfect place to live”. Despite everything, employees will still have to wait to make the move: “Due to restrictions imposed by the British Government due to the coronavirus, employees will work mainly from home until they can join in person,” admits the study. During the month of June, the branch will be composed for only five workers waiting to be able to hire a team of 20 professionals soon. The company”s medium-term plans are to grow the Liverpool office to 50 workers within five years.

With the opening of this new studio, Avalanche adds a fourth location to its branches in Stockholm, Malmo and New York. Founded in Sweden 18 years ago to be the video game-focused subsidiary of Nordisk Film, the company has released more than twelve titles, including the Rage and Mad Max series. The study, which has only admitted that this new office will work “on both new IPs and established brands” has confirmed that director Paul Rustchynsky will be an important part of the project.

“We have several games in development, and this is just the beginning of what promises to be another exciting decade for the entire Avalanche Studios Group,” said Pim Holfve, CEO at a shareholder meeting a few weeks ago. The new Liverpool office will be part of the Expansive Worlds division, which has so far been in charge of TheHunter saga.

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