Are you looking for beautiful and original happy birthday messages?

You must take advantage of certain occasions, such as the birthday of the woman you like, to let her know that you feel something deeper for her.

With these words that we share here, he manages to understand your interest, your desire to be by his side.

How nice it is to tell a girl everything that attracts you to her, even more with these words at hand. Use these happy birthday messages for the girl I like.

We are sure that you will be able to draw a beautiful smile on your face, in addition to getting your own happiness.

Best happy birthday messages for a pretty lady

: “Because for me you have become a super special person, I want to wish you today, your birthday, all the happiness in the world.

May this New Year that begins in your life be better than the one that leaves? I hope to see you and celebrate with you, I hope the celebration is unforgettable for you. Happy birthday. ”

: “Every year brings with it some more beauty to your face, and today that is your birthday I am checking it. You look in the prime of your life, more beautiful than ever and it is impossible for me not to see you with admiration.

I hope your birthday party comes out as you expect and that you allow me to dance with you a piece. Happy birthday, my Queen. ”

: “Happy Birthday beautiful. I wish, from the bottom of my heart, to spend an extraordinary day because a wonderful person like you does not deserve anything else.

I hope you receive many gifts and congratulations, I also hope to see you soon to deliver to you along with the present that I have prepared many more samples of the immense affection I feel for you. ”

: “I must tell you that every day that passes I feel more attracted to you. It will be your personality, your smile, your beauty and spontaneity, your joy of living.

And today that is your birthday, it is worth telling you that I wish you the best and that I hope God continues to give me the joy of being able to see you every day. Happy birthday, lovely to be very happy. ”

: “Today is also a special day for me because it is your birthday, because you have received the gift of one more year of life and I could not be happier for that.

And you are a really special person for me , you make my day happy every time I see you and also my heart and that is why I wish I could celebrate many more of your birthdays. Happy day, beautiful! ”

: “I hope that in this message you can see how special and important you are to me. I wish you a happy birthday, hoping your day is wonderful because someone as sweet as you deserves the best.

May God continue to give to all those around you and especially to me the joy of your existence for many more years. Happy Birthday pretty”.

: “Today is an important day because it is your birthday, because on a day like today a beautiful person like you came into the world.

I hope this day will be unforgettable for you, that you receive many samples of love and that this message that I send you will make your heart happy. Happy birthday, Princess. ”

We hope that with these happy birthday messages for the girl you like, you can indirectly reach that girl who is romantically interested in you, the clues that make her see that it is really special for you.

The most beautiful long
happy birthday messages to send

Wishing a special person a happy day, be it a friend, family member or partner, always leaves us well in the eyes of that person.

That is why, if we are to greet someone, let”s take advantage of these beautiful long happy birthday messages and rejoice in this wonderful day of celebration.

It doesn”t matter if we are far or near the graceful, let”s send him these beautiful phrases and we will surely make him smile and feel that he has friends who are happy to celebrate his day with him.

Courage, we convey hope and happiness to those who turn years. Surely all this good vibes will someday revert in us. Luck.

Find original long happy birthday phrases to send

: “Friend, today is your birthday and I want to wish you with all my heart that you have a great time, that we make you happy and that you receive all the gifts you want. Sure it is because you deserve it.

I can imagine tonight”s party, with everyone singing to you and wishing you a happy birthday. I hope they are fun moments that remain in your memory, and that you treasure them like so many other moments that we have shared. Everything will be fine, sure. Congratulations.”

: “We look forward to this day dear mother because we like that your birthday is different, special and that joy floods the house since dawn.

: “In the office we have long organized to greet you. Today is a long awaited day for you.

I hope you are glad to see that we strive to give you the best of greetings, and that you understand that you are an important piece in this team, not only for your professionalism but also for being the good person you are.

Happy Birthday mate. May everything go well today for you? ”

: “You have given my life so much joy that today is your birthday I would like to give you back, to some extent, a little bit of the happiness received.

You are a great person who always cares about others, so you have so many faithful friends who are unconditional and who know how to support you whenever you need it.

How lucky I feel to be able to tell you today: happy day, birthday boy. Enjoy yourself.”

: “You are celebrating another year and what is really important is that you accumulate indelible memories of all the people who share their life with you. You are good and people love you.

That is why it almost has hours a day left so you can receive all the greetings of congratulations that come to you, and stand in line to wish you joy. Celebrate it well, and may the joy never end. Luck.”

Greeting the birthday of someone we consider valuable is very beautiful. Let”s share these long happy birthday messages. It will be special for that person to receive them and feel all the positive energy in them. Congratulations.

Nice poems and thoughts
for my loved ones for their birthday

Birthdays are, without a doubt, a special and very important date for all people, as they celebrate another year of life. The beauty of this date is not really great gifts or fancy parties, but all your loved ones send their most sincere greetings, always remembering your day.

If you know someone who will soon be turning years, do not hesitate to dedicate a beautiful message by sending your greetings and your most sincere wishes on this special date.

Here we leave you beautiful phrases so you can share with your loved ones and wish them a beautiful birthday. Enjoy them!

Greetings that you have a happy birthday to send by WhatsApp

: “Aunt dear, very happy birthday!!! I hope you have a beautiful day and an excellent new cycle. I send you a loving hug and my best wishes that you are in health. I love you so much!”

: “Dear friend, today you are celebrating another year of life and I am glad to share it with you. I hope you have a great time in the company of your loved ones and that you enjoy all the love we have for you.

I wish you the best, beautiful little friend. Happy Birthday!”

: “Dear Daddy, it”s a very special day and I want to tell you that I love you very much. I feel very lucky to have you in my life and in great health.

I want to enjoy with you many more years and share together all those things we like. I adore you, Dad. Have a beautiful birthday! ”

: “Friend of my heart, happy birthday! I just want to greet you and send you a warm hug on this beautiful day. I hope you have a wonderful day accompanied by all the important people for you. I love you so much”.

: “On this long-awaited date, just congratulate yourself on your day and wish you the best successes in everything you have proposed. May God bless you today and always and give you many more years of life. My most sincere wishes for peace and happiness. Happy day!”

Nice texts happy birthday to Messenger

: “Little sister, I wish you a beautiful birthday and May good things continue to come into your life. You deserve only the best in the world and with the love I have for you, I hope that the Lord will pour all your blessings on you and always accompany you. I adore you with all my soul, little one. You have a memorable birthday! ”

: “Dear Grandma, I am the happiest person in the world for having you with me one more year. May God keep you healthy to enjoy your company for a long time? I wish you the best of all birthdays. I adore you a lot. ”

: “May all your purposes be fulfilled and may they be many more years. Have a beautiful birthday surrounded by all your wonderful family, dear friend. I will visit you to greet you personally and celebrate your day. Congratulations on your birthday!”

: “I wish you many congratulations on this special day for you. It is a real pleasure to have met you and I hope our friendship continues to grow through the years. You are a great friend and I love you very much. Have a great time, little friend. Happy Birthday!”

: “May your birthday be only happiness and hugs from all your loved ones. I wish you much joy on this day and every day of your life. I love you a lot. Happy birthday, little friend! ”

: “Every birthday is unique and unrepeatable. I wish this day is totally unforgettable for you and you can enjoy it a lot with the people you love. I wish you a very happy birthday and may they be many more. I love you, pretty little friend. ”

: “I wish for you a beautiful life full of satisfaction. Today is your birthday and I just hope you have a magical and exciting day. Remember that the most important thing is to have the love of all the people around you and love you. May your birthday be very special, dear friend! ”

For most people, their birthday is very important, as it is their day and they feel special. We hope you liked these phrases and help you wish a beautiful birthday to your loved ones, so they feel how much you love them and the good wishes you have for them.

We wait for you again here with many more phrases that you will surely love. Until a next opportunity! Come back very soon!

Find original messages
for my brother”s birthday

Throughout the year, we are presented with various birthdays of different people in our environment or social circles such as, for example, the birthdays of friends, acquaintances, fellow students, co-workers or colleagues and also of a family member and it is that celebration that It becomes an even more special date because it is the family with whom we share the greatest moments in our lives.

Thus, the celebration of a brother”s birthday for example, generates various dedications and thoughts that can be made known on a day as special as this. Here are some examples:

Best wishes to send my happy birthday brother

: “Today is a wonderful day because a day like today was born the best brother in the world, the best God could have given me in this life.

I ask God dear brother to always bless each one of your steps and have many successes in everything you set your mind to. Happy birthday my brother. Enjoy the meeting that we have prepared with so much love. I love you so much”.

: “Today I want to give you the strongest hug in the world because today is your birthday little brother of my heart. I wish you had a great day with everyone we love you.

We love you infinitely. Have a lot of fun at your party with all your friends and coworkers. Many successes today and forever. Congratulations on your beautiful brother day. ”

: “How beautiful it is to be able to celebrate with you the day of your birthday dear little brother. For so long that I could not celebrate with you this day because of my travels and work, that is why today I feel like a dog with two tails and I jump with joy to be able to be with you on such a special date.

Many blessings little brother of my soul and happy birthday. Have fun with it, because this day should be celebrated in style. ”

: “Little brother, I wish with all my heart that you have a wonderful day, that you enjoy your birthday cake so much that I made you with so much love and that all your wishes and desires are always fulfilled.

I love you very much because you are a wonderful brother. Happy Birthday. Now, let the party begin and have fun. ”

: “It is time to put on the birthday hat and throw many streamers because today is the birthday of my beloved little brother so we have to party nonstop.

Beautiful little brother has a fantastic day. May God bless you always and may you achieve all your dreams. I love you a lot. Now that the party begins I think the first guests are already arriving. ”

: “I love being able to celebrate birthdays but when it comes to my beautiful brother”s birthday my heart jumps with joy, because you are a very special little person in my life.

You are my friend, my confidant and my advisor. I love you so much dear brother. Have a beautiful birthday. Many successes in everything you propose today and always. Many kisses in your day. ”

: “Today I raise the best glass of wine because it is the birthday of my beautiful brother and that has to be celebrated as he deserves.

So today we throw the house out the window. Thank you for being the wonderful brother you are and for supporting me in every step I take. I love you so much. Happy birthday. ”

We hope that these thoughts for my brother who turns years have liked you and allow you to express a beautiful birthday greeting on his day, in addition to telling him how much you love him and how important it is for you. Check back soon through our website for many more news. We will wait for you!

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