Analysis: Retimed for Nintendo Switch

Are you looking for a multiplayer title to challenge your friends while in crazy and fun games? You may retimed, the competitive shooter Team Maniax is a good alternative. Let”s check it out!

What does Retimed offer?

Retimed is 100% focused on multiplayer fun. And it is that the title does not have content intended for a single player. As soon as we start, we can choose between playing in local multiplayer or online. Starting with the premises, we will have three variants: Single Map (one item); Championship (three maps) and Tournament, with rules that happen to be the best of a game, the best of three or the best of five.

For the games we can choose between four different characters: Violet, Bintain, Psycho and Yowie. They can be customized very loosely, with only one color variant and accessory for each.

Already in action, we will find ourselves in a series of quite lively scenarios that will put us in trouble with some traps or moments where “not everything is what it seems” and that we must take into account when getting rid of our enemy or enemies.
And we can play in an all against all four characters or teams.

The scenarios we have available are:

  • City in the clouds
  • Industrial district
  • Licorice forest
  • Ice cream mines
  • Rubber forest
  • Nice
  • Happiness
  • Old giant

To survive it has been said

As we have commented, Retimed is a competitive shooter with a casual cut, where we must shoot the opponents with our projectile gun. Once the elimination limit is exceeded, a game is won.

The mechanics are very simple and do not denote too much depth: we can shoot, jump, carry out a drag movement and duck. Although, without a doubt, the star movement comes when we try to dodge a nearby projectile, where a bubble envelops us and we enter for a few seconds in slow motion mode, to prevent that shot from impacting us.

In addition, we must remain attentive to the ammunition boxes scattered around the stage, as we will run out of it as we shoot. Of course, we must have the time frame that each of them needs to be able to catch ammunition again, which will put us in real difficulties if our enemies still have projectiles.

Die in the worlds of yupi

Retimed aesthetics attracts a lot of attention. We are facing a title that graphically embraces the cartoon style, with characters that are a mixture between the rogue and the adorable. The game moves very well and, with the exception of a little bully in four-player games, we have not encountered any problems.

On the other hand, music meets this casual aesthetic, without the melodies calling our attention for anything in particular and with a scarce variety.

And the game dies here, because it really is quite scarce in terms of content. There are no options for a single player (except online), and multi options do not involve a wide range of variety. Few characters and variants in the games, which greatly cut the life of this game.


Retimed is an option to consider if you are looking for a multiplayer title to enjoy here and now. Without complications and direct, yes, but very little in terms of content and game variants. If you want to enjoy competitive without losing options for a player, you will probably find many other titles that satisfy you more. If you have been convinced by the Team Maniax title, you can download it from the Nintendo Switch eShop for $ 13.80, and you will need a total of 395 MB of space on your console.




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