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There are many of us who marvel at the most iconic tapes of Western American and our eyes are chiribite as soon as a game of this nature appears on the horizon. It is true that Call of Juarez: Gunslinger hit the market for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2013 , but there is a shortage of gunpowder on Nintendo Switch and it is worth getting carried away by the bullets, fire and blood of this odyssey western.

The best way to describe a cowboy is mud, blood, guts and glory

The story of Call of Juarez: Gunslinger will not be eternally remembered by the players, but it does manage to recall the most popular, recurring topics and, why not say, fun of the Western spaghetti is this bad? The answer is simple, if you are fans of such films, it will seem delightful; if you are not, and you will go through history simply on tiptoe. Silas Greave will be our protagonist, a hyperfine aim gunman who proves to take his own memories with humor. Using comics in kinematics, we will be told a story that is not taken too seriously in, almost, no time, but that is perfectly narrated and greatly enjoyed.

There are quite interesting details during the course of the adventure, such as mentions of iconic gunmen we have all heard of. I find it suggestive and intelligent that, in a game of these characteristics, those little winks have been had and, mainly, the search that has that little mocking smile towards the player, who is looking forward to seeing what will happen next, how our hero will solve a certain clash or against whom we will face soon. In short, how a story happens that, despite being a simple thread between shooting and shooting, engages and entertains enough not to understand it as an unimportant backdrop.

Be sure to test your words before spitting them out

In spite of everything, here we have come to draw fast, shoot and ask later, right? Well, indeed, Call of Juarez: Gunslinger knows what the player has set himself to buy the title, in its playability, that is, in its challenging, aggressive shootings and make us feel like Clint Eastwood in “Death had a price”. I have to say that I have DOOM for Nintendo Switch as the shooter, to date, more refined than exists in the console and, to my surprise, this delivery manages to transmit incredible and wonderful sensations in the hybrid console of Nintendo.

Moving around the stage while we distribute bullets left and right, chaining combos increasingly complex and long, it is a delight, a dream and a privilege to have it on Nintendo Switch. Of course, the developer has not stayed in simply having moved the controls to the Joy-Cons of Switch, but has implemented the gyroscope option and, please, play with it, because it will become the best way to enjoy this title. While playing with the gyroscope option I wondered if, in their day, they had in mind, back in 2013, to transmit these same feelings one day. The result is amazing and surprisingly round.

As for the playable mechanics, while we are finishing with quite varied NPCs (with protections, shields, etc.) we will load the concentration bar that will allow us to have a bullet time that will be especially vital at times with a large accumulation of enemies on the screen . The game does not want, by any means, that we stick to a single way to end the enemies or that we simply shoot with our LeMat and little else, for nothing. The title rewards us by chaining increasingly complex and, mainly, spectacular combos, such as headshots, busting enemies with dynamite or killing them long distance with our rifle; as well as, obviously, the faster the better. Sounds difficult? Well do not worry, in a few minutes we will find ourselves doing all that and much more while we believe the king of the mambo. It is a wonderful riot…

God created all men. Samuel Colt made them the same

One of the “buts” available to Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is that it shows, a tad, age. Those small wrinkles that denote that it has rained a lot since its launch. In spite of everything, I must say that it is very much enjoyed, since the modeling of the weapons and some scenarios and enemies are spectacular, with a commendable Cel-Shading style. Both in TV and desktop mode we have a rocky game in fluidity, maintaining a very stable rate of fps that show that it is a perfectly worked and polished port.

The sound aspect is still as good as before, with weapons whose shots are tremendously representative and very recognizable. The explosions, the bullets that will go by rubbing us, etc., as well as a soundtrack that, it is noted, has taken note of the best works of the emblematic Ennio Morricone, will make us feel like Billy himself the child wherever we go thanks to the Nintendo Switch portability.


Lovers of the genre are in luck with Call of Juarez: Gunslinger, since they have a play entertaining plot and fun in the game. Their shootings will put us in more of a hurry in some other situation, enjoying as in few titles with an incredibly polished gunplay, with a commendable implementation of the Switch gyroscope. Perhaps the short duration of the story, which will only take us more than 8 hours, although we can take a little longer if we want to get all the collectibles that are on the stage, although it also has an arcade and duel that can increase something else its duration, as well as a visual section that shows its age, would be some of the most important “buts” of a highly recommended title.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger is available in digital format in the eShop of Nintendo Switch at a price of 19.99 dollars and will occupy a total of 2.5 GB in the memory of the console.

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