Adobe Reader, manage and edit PDF files with all kinds of compatibility

The use of PDF documents is very common, both in computers and mobile terminals. One of the applications that allows to visualize with better solvency this type of files is Adobe Reader. We have tested this development and we comment exactly what it offers.

The first thing to say about this work is that its interface is one of the best that can be found in this type of development. Everything is perfectly structured, with ribbons that generally appear in the lower area and are therefore very accessible. In the central part is where the document shown in Adobe Reader is located. The white color is predominant, and a good detail is that it fits perfectly with developments such as Adobe Scan (which has the consequence that for some processes additional software must be downloaded and installed).

The compatibility that we have verified that this work offers is very wide. With terminals with 2 GB it works very well, but with very complex PDF in this case it suffers when turning the page and even when loading. Therefore, we recommend that it be used on devices with some more RAM so that the user experience is adequate. In what has to do with the appropriate screen sizes, in devices with more than five inches we have found the handling comfortable. Therefore your requirement here is not excessive either.

The use options offered by Adobe Reader are those expected in the development of the well-known company. Thus, for example, reading PDF files is perfect. Some more possibilities have been included, such as the possibility of signing documents in a simple way and, also, a visualization management that we loved both horizontally and vertically (and if there are complex images everything works like a charm). Interesting to comment that the development is perfectly translated, which makes its use as simple as possible – which allows to know all its possibilities is something that happens quite quickly.

This application is not lacking in possibilities such as searching within the PDF file, as well as the option to use different modes of scrolling (the one that fits us most is called Continuous). For a more professional use of Adobe Reader for Android, we must highlight the collaborative options that it allows, with notifications of changes and monitoring of these. All this is achieved intuitively through links.

Edit with Adobe Reader for Android

This is something that is present in development. They are not the widest possibilities that can be found, but more than enough for the usual use. An example of what can be done with Adobe Reader is the following: adhesive notations; highlight text; a drawing tool is included; it is possible to add text; and even development can be used to fill out forms. And, all this, with great simplicity and efficiency as we have seen.

A couple of options that are interesting in the application is that it allows you to print directly, something that not all PDF clients for Android offer. In addition, it is possible to use the cloud to manage files. Apart from being able to access the free account offered by the developer, they can connect with both Dropbox and Drive, which is an excellent solution and increases its usefulness very clearly.

Get and install Adobe Reader

If you think this is the perfect tool to manage PDF files on your Android end, you can download the development in the Galaxy Apps and Play Store at no cost. A solution that is quite suitable for the purpose it has, and that offers a really simple use even when it comes to making use of its editing possibilities.

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