Abdominals and buttocks: five exercises to do at home

Do you want to tone your abdomen and your buttocks? Do you know that there are exercises 2 in 1? They are exercises that help to harden both the abdominals and the gluteal muscles.

Five exercises that you can do, as part of your training, four times a week: try them out, be constant and you will notice the results in a month!

  1. Classic exercise

It is very simple to perform and is especially suitable for those who practice sports but are overweight. Exercise the gluteus Maximus and abdominal muscles (rectum and transverse).

How to do it: lying on the floor, face up, with your legs bent and open, and your feet in line with your shoulders. Lift the pelvis to form a line with the knee and thigh (in the bridge position). Contract the buttocks and then the abdominals (always bringing the belly inwards). Hold the position for 10 seconds and relax the muscles 5 seconds. Remember to exhale during contractions and inspire the relaxation phase. Repeat this operation 20 times.

  1. Exercise with the elastic

This exercise acts on the isometric abs, which are in continuous contraction. In addition, it tones the gluteus Maximus and the minor.

How it is done: lying on the floor, place the elastic on the ankles and lift the legs until they create an angle of 90 ° with the rest of the body. Contract your abs by sticking your belly in (it drives the transverse muscle), so that you can lift your shoulders from the floor while opening your legs to stretch the elastic.

With the abdominals contracted, try to stretch the elastic as much as possible and perform 20 small rotations with the legs to exercise the lower and middle gluteus. Repeat this exercise two more times.

  1. Exercise to get a flat stomach and hard buttocks

It is somewhat harder to do than the previous ones. In this exercise we work the isometric abs and tone the buttocks, especially the gluteus maximus, but also the thighs.

How we exercise it: we get on our knees and also support our hands on the floor (that is, we get “on all fours”). We raise our knees a little from the floor and rest on the tips of our feet. We maintain this position, paying attention that our knees do not touch the ground. In this way, we will work the transverse and rectus muscles.  We raise the left leg 10 times, and the right 10 times. We must be careful not to raise the leg too much so as not to force the lower back. We exhale and put a belly while raising the leg, and inspire when we lower it. We do 3 series.

  1. Exercise to work the abdominals and the lateral area of ​​the buttocks

This exercise tones both the oblique abs and the lower and middle gluts.  It is complementary to exercise 2 and helps work the waist.

How it is done: we stand on our side and lean on one elbow and knee (the legs have to be bent); the thigh and pelvis should be aligned. We inspire and lift the pelvis from the floor, contracting the oblique abs (the belly we put it inwards). Hold this position for 20 seconds.

To tone the buttocks, stretch the leg above and perform 10 small movements. Focus on the breath.

Make two sets with the right leg and, after changing position, two with the left leg.

  1. Exercise to strengthen the abdominal perimeter

As in the previous exercise, this movement is perfect to strengthen your abdominal perimeter, because it helps you work the transverse and transverse muscles.

How we practice them: we rest on our feet and hands. We raise the head, being careful not to force the shoulders or the cervical. We contract the abs and buttocks. We bring the right knee towards the arm without moving the pelvis, always parallel to the ground.

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