A good scream relaxes and generates energy

Although we have learned that raising the voice is not correct, a timely yell has many functions: it relieves physical and emotional pain and helps to focus.

In general, my tone of voice is low. Some may think that I have not shouted in my life, but I have to say that with my grandmother, deaf since I met her, I communicated many times loudly, so I know how to shout. I have screamed to express pain, joy, anger, strength; to warn someone who was threatening another person, to call from afar, to search for someone lost in the bush.

I have felt the collective cry of “goal” in the football stadium. I have also felt the silent gasp that has helped me express joy, anger, or snub.


We have been taught that yelling is not polite, but a timely yell.

  • It helps to release and calm tensions, to discharge frustrations.
  • It mitigates spirits and improves emotional balance.
  • It reduces anguish, anxiety and pain: it is a sedative.
  • Produces pleasure, releases endorphins.

Shouting done properly causes the brain to release endorphins, which in turn circulate adrenaline throughout the body. On the emotional level, it allows you to discharge accumulated negativity and relieve tension. There are shouts like that of the football stadium that allow us to feel more secure, celebrate goals achieved and radiate energy around. They are ideal for sharing.


Sometimes it is shouted without thinking and without being aware of it: these are the so-called screams of automatic liberation.

In martial arts you scream when you release the air. It is a cry of concentration of energy, not only of one”s own, but of the opponent”s energy. The scream focuses energy and strength, like that of Nadal when he hits with the tennis racket. Knowing how to direct that energy is knowing how to lead the fight and convince the adversary.

There are also determining factors: to eliminate pain caused by feelings of helplessness, anger and revenge, to stop abuses of all kinds on ourselves or others, or to alert those who are exceeding themselves.

And there are inner screams: we feel its vibration. They help to realize that one is alive and to calm physical tension and stress. It is convenient to become aware of the cry, of our sound, of the sensations that it produces in us both on the physical and emotional levels.


Screaming can be helpful when you are in sharp and uncomfortable pain, if you are going through a prolonged period of stress, if you have tics or nervous spasms, or when you have feelings of failure.

It is also a good time to shout when you have news, success is achieved or pleasure, enjoyment or enjoyment is experienced. And to transmit our joy to others.

It is not necessary to go to special centers to shout. The important thing is to know what can be done when you feel like it, at the time of day that is necessary.

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