8 unprofessional attitudes

Surely you have often heard that one of the keys to being a good, efficient and valuable employee for the organization is to be a professional worker, but how exactly do employees of this type behave? What makes one be considered professional? And what else is cataloged as someone unfit to work in the company? It is not as difficult to determine as it might seem, so we give you an example, with 8 unprofessional attitudes that you should avoid if you want to achieve success in the workplace.

Steps to follow:

1.Sneaking an offense towards one of your classmates with irony, sarcasm or heavy jokes. If you have something to say to someone, if an attitude of a colleague has bothered you, you must be mature to speak directly with this person.

2.Speak badly behind the back of one of your colleagues. We refer to the previous point, office gossip is inevitable, but you should not fall into the vice of criticizing and judging others behind their backs instead of facing them.

3.Sabotage with malicious comments the projects or ideas of your colleagues. If you have any opinion regarding what another partner raises, issue it with respect and consideration, taking good care of your words and avoiding offending

4.The intimidation of any kind, verbal or physical in the workplace, known as moving is one of the least professional and most deplorable attitudes you can incur at work, avoid it at all costs

5.Openly criticize personal aspects of one of your coworkers. Again we return to the point of gossip, it is an inevitable condition, but do not make others see you as a person with “vaporize language”, it will cost you a lot to get rid of that fame

6.Be negative and reluctant to all kinds of changes. The work world is constantly moving, as are the work processes, so avoid receiving your boss or work team always with a no to any change, this will eventually make you look like a lazy and unprofessional employee

7.Not knowing how to face criticism and take it all as if it were personal. When your boss or other colleague makes a constructive criticism you should take advantage of it to get something positive, to evaluate your performance and see what of those comments you can put into practice to improve

8.Not have emotional intelligence. We must learn to behave at work, when something bothers you cannot face it as if you were talking with a friend from your neighborhood, you cannot treat your boss and colleagues as you treat your brothers, and you cannot let anger guide you. Develop a work personality for a professional attitude

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