8 foods that you should not eat before sleeping

The light dinners are the best option to take care of food, avoid gaining weight quickly and get to enjoy a more pleasant rest. But do you know what foods to avoid before going to bed? It is important to identify them to, on the one hand, keep the line and not gain volume and, on the other hand, not to interfere with the quality of the sleep, because there are certain ingredients that can make the digestions very heavy and hinder our daily rest.

Steps to follow:

1. Red meat

Eating red meat from time to time is advisable due to the large amounts of protein and iron it gives to our body, but it should be avoided at night before going to sleep. The reason? It is too heavy and complicated to digest, so the entire digestive system will have to take charge of processing it and the great feeling of fullness will complicate sleep and good rest. The best thing is to leave that appetizing steak or rib eye to enjoy it at lunchtime.

2. Pasta

If you do not want to gain a few pounds, pasta is one of the foods that you should avoid the most before going to sleep. Think that a plate of macaroni or spaghetti supposes a great contribution of carbohydrates, which you will not burn during the night and will turn into fat when not doing any type of physical activity. To take full advantage of the energy provided by this food.

3. Pizza

Ten or fifteen minutes in the oven is enough to have a delicious and tasty pizza ready on the table. And although it is one of the most popular fast dinners, we should know that it is not convenient to eat it before going to bed. It is a very fat and light meal that will cost a lot of our digestive system to process, but also contains ingredients with high levels of acidity, such as tomatoes, which increase the chances of having stomach burning problems in the following hours.

4. Lettuce

Although it may surprise us, lettuce despite being a healthy food and full of nutrients is not a good option to consume at night. It contains high amounts of insoluble fiber that require a very long digestion process, since they must ferment in the stomach. And not only this, it also increases the risk of intestinal gas, bloating and belching.

5. Snacks and chips

Both snacks and chips are very rich in calories, so that a habitual consumption is not adequate in the diet neither by day nor by night. However, if we add that they contain a high concentration of monosodium glutamate, they become a time bomb before going to sleep, because this substance causes sleep disorders and does not favor rest.

6. Cereals with milk

There are many who believe that a bowl of cereal with milk is a light dinner ideal to take it at night just before bedtime. And nothing is further from reality, it is a preparation with a lot of sugars and carbohydrates that when we relax and do not move, they will quickly turn into fat. In addition, milk containing lactose can cause digestive problems that hinder sleep. In the event that you are lactose intolerant, it is important that you buy milk without lactose or replace it with other milks of vegetable origin that are very healthy.

7. Chocolate

Eat a small ounce of chocolate does not have to be counterproductive, the problem is that this sweet is so addictive that we can hardly stop eating it easily. In addition to the extra calories that will result in increased storage of fat, dark chocolate contains caffeine and stimulants that will not allow you to relax easily and enjoy a pleasant rest at night.

8. Food or spicy foods

We finish the list of foods that you should not eat before sleeping with those ingredients or hot sauces. When we consume this type of food, our body temperature increases considerably and this causes the quality of sleep to be impaired. In addition, its composition is not very beneficial for the digestive system and can lead to the appearance of acidity, burning or reflux. With all this in mind, it is best to avoid eating spicy foods during the hours before going to bed.

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