6 tricks to train at home and never step on the gym

Goodbye to the multitude of excuses we find for not going to exercise with these everyday ideas to burn calories

The exercise is basic to be well with ourselves and have the body ready. A training routine, with regular visits to the gym, is a goal we all aspire to. But, in reality, many times, life puts sticks on our wheels and our willpower is not strong enough to resist the temptations of abandonment. The cold of winter, the extreme heat of summer, why it rains or for the comfort of our sofa. Maybe our strong point is not constancy but what is constant are the excuses we can find for not going to exercise our mountain body at a sports center.

Never more. The day has come when we disassemble excuses for excuses. The exercise asks for regularity, it is true, but it is not necessarily linked to a gym. You don”t have to pay a fee or have to leave home if we don”t want to. In the four walls of our home we have everything we need to do a good workout. And two steps from the shower for later and the sofa for recovery. Then, we review a series of tips to make the comfort of your home the best gym. A series of works that serve both those who want to never go to the gym and those who do go regularly do not dare to think “one day is one day” and can burn the same calories but without having to fight Against the elements. That said, the excuses are over.

Take off your pajamas

That we are in the comfort of our nest does not mean that we do not take the task seriously. Forget the pajamas and, as if it were any other training, put on the right shoes and comfortable and breathable clothes to move well. In the same way remember to hydrate. Have water nearby to avoid distractions that come and go from the fridge.

And speaking of distractions, choose a relatively large space to exercise but, as far as possible, avoid common areas. Especially if you don”t live alone – or you”re not at that moment. On a more technical level, don”t start doing the exercises that first come to mind. If it is a punctual lack to the gym, try replacing the work you would do there that same day. If training at home is a long-term decision, better if we set goals and every day we choose an exercise routine to train a different area or muscle group.

Your friend the chair

From the sofa we go to the chair. And it is that this element so common in homes can become your best workbench. We suggest you use it, for example, when doing well-done squats to work your legs and buttocks. Imitate the act of sitting and getting up from the chair but without touching the seat with your ass.

Another way to incorporate the chair into your routine is with a triceps workout. Sit on the edge, with your hands facing forward and your heels on the floor. With your back straight and supporting only arms and feet, go up and down by flexing and extending your elbows. A perfect job for sagging arms.

Your body and gravity

The body can become self-trained because, only with its own weight, we can exercise it very completely. We will be helped by the force of gravity that pulls us down when, for example, we jump. We can push ourselves from a squat and jump as high as we can to return to the starting position. The arms can help us by marking the movement.

On the other hand, we have the option of making the shape of a star with our body. We open, for this, arms and legs for the sides when jumping. We have jumped up but we can also get a little closer to the ground. Our butt will appreciate that we make some strides to put it very hard. Take one leg back: the front one will be flexed and the back one with the heel up. Lean on the leg that is bent and goes up and down.


We have already jumped to the ceiling and lowered the body a little towards the ground. We continue to descend and lie on the ground. We can work the abs with a combination of exercises that exercise both central and oblique. Another part that is easy to harden using only our limbs is the abductors. Lying on your side, going up and down one leg. We can lower the leg in a straight line or pass it behind the one that lies on the floor.

Likewise, one of the most complete works we can do lying on the floor of our dining room or room are the pelvic elevationsPerfect for working gluteus, abdomen and legs. Lying on your back and with your back and feet – with your knees semi flexed – well stuck in the ground, we go up and down the pelvis. To finish completing our contact with the ground we can do a few minutes of ironing. Looking upside down, with the body straight and elevated supporting only the forearms and the tips of the feet. The minimum 30 seconds you should do may seem like hell to you, but you”ll notice your abdomen stronger than ever.

Everything is a weight

«I see that at home I will do cardio and little else». “Now I will have to spend money on some dumbbells.” Make no mistake. Think that our houses are full of objects of many different weights. We can set our muscles in motion and tone them with everyday activities and objects that are easily around us. Water is a good source of weight. According to our level we can convert the dumbbell bottles or move to full buckets if we want to increase the weight.

Other alternatives to traditional weights can be books of different sizes or packages of flour or pasta. In addition, with them we can fill a bag or a bag to make dead weights. So, everything is a weight … and everything is a support. A hand towel or the stick of a broom can serve as a bar to maintain balance and tense the body in some of the exercises we have mentioned above, such as squats or strides. Everything is used here.

Stretch and relax

Do not forget that heating and stretching is a very important part of training. They improve our results and reduce the risk of injury. When doing the stretching you can take the opportunity to make the session more complete incorporating some elements of Yoga or Tai-Chi. In addition, it is a good time to relax and work on the technique of your breaths. A recommendation, this one to breathe, that we extend to the whole training session. Don”t run, take your time. Think of this exercise time as your time.

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