6 simple exercises to strengthen the trapezius

It is the muscle that is located in the upper central part of the back and working it independently implies improving body posture and achieving a harmonious development of the whole trunk. Although he actively participates in a multitude of exercises, you can also train him independently. Try this routine to strengthen the trapezius and you will increase its strength and its volume.

Aesthetically, a correctly developed trapezius looks splendid but, in addition, this large flat muscle, which starts at the nape of the neck, intervenes in basic movements such as raising the shoulders and arms or turning the neck.

When it comes to starting in the gym, sometimes its importance is forgotten and exercises are not performed to train the trapezius in a specific way. Including them in any routine is essential to gain volume in a proportionate way and to increase power in strength exercises, especially if it involves weight lifting.

The best routine to exercise the trapezius in the gym

Although there are numerous exercises to strengthen the back at home, you can also practice a series of movements in the gym to gain muscle in the trapezius. Try this routine to strengthen the trapezius by doing between 2-4 sessions of each exercise, with a number of repetitions that ranges between, 10-12 depending on your level of training. Remember to mark each of the movements well to contract the traps properly and obtain good results in a short time:

1. Dumbbell Shrug

It is the key exercise to strengthen the trapezius and increase your muscle mass. Very simple but effective, especially if after doing the elevation, you hold your shoulders up for a few seconds. The execution is simple: standing, with your legs slightly apart and holding a dumbbell in each hand, raise your shoulders, trying to “touch” your ears. Your arms should remain straight and without tension. The up and down movement must be short and fast. You can do it by alternating shoulders (one set with each) and finish by raising both at the same time.

2. Shrink with circles

It is a variant of the previous exercise that will help you complete and increase its intensity. Shrug your shoulders and, once elevated, pull them back. Next, move them forward in two phases, first “half circle”, hold for a few seconds, and then continue advancing another half circle. Take them back again and descend. You will notice how the trapeze is stretched.

3. Barbell lift to the chin

Excellent exercise to develop the trapezius with which you will also work the deltoids intensely. Stand upright, holding the bar at the height of your thighs, with your arms extended and your knees slightly bent. Raise the bar keeping it close to your body until it is at the level of your chin. Your elbows will be bent and pointing outwards. Hold for a few seconds and descend in a controlled manner. Inhale on the descent and exhale when you go up. If you want to increase the effort, add weight to the bar (discs).

4. Dumbbell Lateral Shoulder Raises

Those known as “birds” are not to be missed in a routine to strengthen the trapezius. It is an exercise that affects the first third of the upper body, increasing the muscle mass of the entire area. You must stand up, with the trunk slightly leaning forward and the legs bent. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and, from this starting position, spread your arms sideways, like the wings of a bird. Strong shoulders, powerful back and strong trapeze, guaranteed!

5. Military press behind the neck

Really effective when it comes to working the trapezius and the muscles of the arms. It is about placing the bar behind the neck while standing or sitting on a bench, as you prefer. Raise the bar so that it is just above your head, hold for a few seconds and lower yourself. It is advisable to do this exercise without adding weight to the bar (unless your optimal physical condition allows it).

6. Elevation of legs and arms on the floor

You do not need any apparatus to perform this exercise to strengthen the trapezius without weights, because your body acts as the only resistance (calisthenics). Lying on your stomach, with your legs stretched out and arms extended in front of your head, try to raise your upper and lower extremities at the same time. Stay “in the air” as long as you can and descend. You will notice how the trapezius contracts intensely to support the posture.

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